Wednesday, May 3, 2017

College Students Object

College students think they know it all. Their college professors know nothing, even though their parents or somebody else is paying big bucks for them to teach them. But the truth is, THEY (the students) know nothing. They haven't been on this Earth long enough to know ANYTHING. As they grow older they MAY learn just how much they DON'T know, after they're long out of college. It is this delusion that is responsible for them rioting to keep people like Ann Coulter from being able to tell them what the truth is. They're AFRAID of what she may say, and that it might catch on.

BILL NYE'S A FOOL: Bill Nye, who bills himself as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” hasn't the faintest idea what he's doing. He once had a show by that name, for which he must have done a lot of reading to keep ahead of the subjects he pretends to “teach.” Now he thinks we must punish people who have too many kids because they contribute to climate change. Aside from the fact that climate change is bogus (which he doesn't know), NOBODY has the right to tell me how many kids I can have! That's not other people's business. That's MINE. Recently he produced a cartoon video pushing the ides that being gay is "natural" to be shown to CHILDREN.

I WON'T BE RUNNING”: Michelle Obama recently announced that she would NOT be running for office. Who cares? Only Democrats, of course. She wouldn't have a prayer unless the Democrats “stacked the deck” for her better than they did for Hillary. What the hell makes her think she has any qualifications to run for office, anyway? Why does she think it's necessary to make an ANNOUNCEMENT that she will not run, as if people are breathlessly waiting for her to announce her candidacy? She must really think a lot of herself.

IS JESSE WATTERS NEXT? Liberals have been working HARD on Fox News hosts after scoring on the top man, and they successfully got rid of Bill O'Reilly with their specious accusations of sexual indiscretions, backed up by nothing but the unsupported word of a few women. Bill announced a “vacation” from which he did not return. Now Jesse is facing criticism for truthfully criticizing leftists for their treatment of Ivanka, and then HE announced a “vacation.” Will he be back? We'll see. They tried it with Sean Hannity, and ran into a “buzz saw.”

IF TRUMP SURRENDERS....” Senate MINORITY Leader Chuckie Schumer, he of the glasses surgically affixed to the END of his nose, says, “If Trump would only change, we could work with him.” No kidding! The translation of his statement is, “If Trump will only do what WE tell him, we could work with him.” Somebody needs to tell Chuckie that the Democrats LOST the election, all around. Not just the presidency, and Trump doesn't NEED to “change” to suit him,

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