Wednesday, May 17, 2017

They're Doing It Again

And again. And again. Every day liberals come up with SOMETHING with which to “bother” Donald Trump. I say, “bother” because it really does nothing to him. He “fired back” and just goes on doing what he does, which is destroying the little fiefdoms of liberals. The latest is the absurd “notes” Comey says he took the day he CLAIMS Trump asked (told) him to “forget the Mike Flynn “investigation.” He says those notes are “evidence” Trump tried to get him to stop the investigation. Funny. that meeting was THREE WEEKS after the Flynn investigation was closed.

INFLATING THE NUMBERS: This is how anti-gun fools come up with the numbers they cite. They conflate separate numbers to come up with a total. Pending cases, for instance, are counted every time they appear. Since a pending case can be there sometimes for several years, and most are dismissed at the end, a “pending case” is counted THREE TIMES whether or not is ends in a conviction—which most don't. Licensed gun carriers commit crimes in fewer cases than COPS. And licensed gun owners are counted, whether or not they used their gun to kill themselves.

EVIDENCE? WHAT EVIDENCE? “We don't need no steenkin' evidence! the very seriousness of the accusations DEMANDS we “investigate!” That's what the liberals think. And they'll “investigate” until they can investigate no more, and if they can't find anything to support their fairy tales, they'll make something up. They have no evidence of a “Russian connection” to Trump in the election, but they're spent millions, maybe BILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer dollars in their efforts to find something—ANYTHING—with which to pillory Trump.

DENYING REALITY: The Stater Department is saying that the al-Qaida troops in Syria are NOT terrorists, so we can continue to allow the CIA to send them money. What FIOOLS these politicians be! Most of them were appointed by Obama or Clinton, so we can be sure they still adhere to Obama's line. Al-Qaida, no matter where they operate, ARE terrorists. That's an unalterable fact, even if they might be (for now) operating in our interests. We need to wake up to the deadly danger they represent, and do away with them.

OUT TO GET TRUMP: Liberals (Dumbocrats) are “out to get Trump,” so every allegation against him is suspect. The “Russian connection,” for instance, that they've been ballyhooing for a long time,STILL suffers from a certain LACK of evidence to support it. Comey's claim that trump told him to stop the Fynn investigation likewise. His “memo” notwithstanding. All that is, is, “he said, he said,” and is proof of nothing. Neither is the Russian offer of a “transcript” of the meeting. Dumbocrats insist they have “convincing evidence” in all cases, but they haven't released it—because there ISN'T any.

LIBERAL MEDIA HIDES IT”: The Democrat National Committee (DNC) has been hit with a million dollar class action lawsuit over their sleazy treatment of socialist Bernie Sanders, who wasn't supposed to win anything. They were going to see to it. Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasseman Schultz is also named in the suit. They are also facing a suit by Dumbocrat workers who weren't paid for their work on her campaign (which tells me a lot about Hillary and her supporters). Of course, the liberal media is not reporting this. In fact, they're going out of their way to HIDE it.

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