Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fox Fired Beckel (Again)

This time it was not because of this drug use, it was because of his bigotry and racism. Liberals aren't supposed to be racists, but that doesn't bother Beckel, who, it seems, just couldn't stand to be in the same room with a black man. They tried to paint Fox as “bad” in this, but they need to note that Fox immediately investigated, and fired Beckel, again. For good this time, we can only hope. I've always wondered why they took him back, in the first place.

GUN OWNERS FLAT CHESTED: In an example of the abject STUPIDITY of liberals, this: “Gun lovers are flat chested of have small penises.” It's the typical stupidity shown by every pronouncement made by liberals. And yet they seem to be everywhere in our society, doing everything they can to screw things up, while thinking they're doing good. How people GET such stupid ideas is beyond me, but I run into them, all the time. They SAY they're “peaceful folk,” but if I tell them my views, they want to do violence on me. They have nothing else after they've called me all the crappy names they can think of. They can't answer my arguments with logic, they have none.

TOTAL IGNORANCE ON GUNS: The Minnesota Legislature is considering legislation that would eliminate all licensing requirements for people to be allowed to carry guns for self defense. Many anti-gun fool legislators say “allowing people to freely carry guns is unwise.” How do they think they're going to STOP criminals from carrying guns? They can make all the laws they want to stop the law-abiding from carrying guns to defend themselves against those CRIMINALS who ignore “gun laws,” and they're not going to be able to eliminate guns from the picture.

THEY CALL IT “COMMON SENSE”: Anti-gun fools call their stupid gun laws “common sense gun laws,” but they're ANYTHING but common sense. They simply reflect the abject STUPIDITY of the lawmakers who THINK it is “common sense” to make yourself DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists (a repetition, there). If their laws WERE “common sense laws,” they wouldn't have to describe them that way in an obvious (to intelligent people, anyway) attempt to fool us.

THE COMEY MEMO FIZZLE: The guy who wrote the article for the NY Times saying Trump “ordered” Comey to stop the Mike Flynn “investigation” has ADMITTED that he never saw the “memo,” that he only had it READ to him over the phone by somebody who SAYS he saw it. And he based this slander on Trump on that. MAYBE Trump did what he wrote he did, maybe he didn't. But what he wrote said he definitely DID, even though that's only what he THOUGHT it said, This is the quality of today's “journalism.”

BLACK V. WHITE RACISM: It's the new racism, started by the “Black Lives Matter” bunch, and it is gaining ground every day as people like this black “professor” freely make RACIST comments without criticism (except for human beings like me). Professor Piper Herron, ASSISTANT professor of math at the University of Hawaii, in an article for the American Mathematical Society (AMS), wrote that “White people should quit their jobs and get out of the way of black people,” admitting that she thinks black people aren't smart enough to get ahead unless they do—and she wants them to “get out of the way.” What? Is she black? Yup.

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