Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ignoring the Obvious

The police chief in Los Angeles warns that “There will be an apocalypse if national concealed carry passes.” Which shows his abject IGNORANCE about guns and crime. He thinks allowing law-abiding people to have guns to defend themselves is a “bad thing,” totally IGNORING the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists who have PROMISED to kill as many “unbelievers” as they can. Police politicians commonly ignore this as they go about trying to disarm honest people and make it easier for criminals to victimize them.

CUZ THEY DON'T EXIST: The FBI is refusing to turn over Comey's memos in which he CLAIMS Trump told him to stop the Russian collusion investigation as well as the one about his former National Security Adviser. There's a good reason why they won't turn them over—they can't. They don't exist—or if they do, they don't say definitively what Comey says they do. And to turn them over would be to blow the “Russian collusion” story out of the water. And the Dumocrats can't have that.

DENYING THE OBVIOUS: The brutal murder of Seth Rich, a former Dumocrat National Committee (DNC) staffer close to his home was obviously political. The cops called the killing a “botched robbery,” even though his wallet, watch, and credit cards were not taken. This is common when cops don't want to bother really investigating something. They call it a “botched robbery,” (which signals that no investigation will be seriously undertaken) even though the evidence tells any thinking human being it was NOT. It was a political killing to protect the DNC.

TELL 'EM TO SHOVE IT: A non-Hispanic restaurant tried to feature a burrito on their menu and got a lawsuit, claiming “cultural appropriation,” yet another liberal made-up name to give them an excuse to put something before a LIBERAL judge to get a decision in their favor, legal or not. My advice is to just tell them to “shove it where the sun doesn't shine.”

HILLARY'S SOUR GRAPES: She still can't accept the fact that she LOST the election on her own hook, with NO HELP from anybody else. Not Trump, not the Russians, not Comey. Herself. She was a LOUSY CANDIDATE from the word “go.” She thought it was “in the bag,” so she didn't even GO to some states she considered “a lock.” She offered NO POLICIES of her own, and only knocked down every policy Trump mentioned. Her major reason offered to vote for her was that she was a WOMAN--as if that were the only important thing in the world. She should shut up and go away. She's only making a fool out of herself.

FAKE NEWS: In Portland, OR, a man killed two men who interrupted his anti-Muslim rants and was labeled a “right-wing extremist” by the media. But, wonder of wonders, it was later found out that he was NOT a Trump supporter, but was a Bernie Sanders supporter. This illustrates a tendency on the part of the media to :jump the shark” and ASSUME a man like this is a right-wing extremist because he's against Muslims. But it's not just “right-wingers” who resent the actions of militant Muslims in singling out Christian businessmen to SUE if they don't like their practices.

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