Friday, April 28, 2017

It's All the Same

The judge who blocked Trump's latest executive order on sanctuary cities forgets that Obama did the SAME THING to people who refused to obey his EO about allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms if he “identified” as a woman that day. He threatened to withhold federal funds if they didn't “cave” and obey his directive, Where were all those who complained when Trump did it? Where were the liberal judges who BLOCKED Trump's similar action? This is clearly a liberal double standard.

TRUMP 100 DAYS A DISASTER? Liberals are calling Trump's first 100 days a “disaster” and say the White House is “in disarray.” It is NOT, and Trump's first 100 days is NOT a “disaster.” To LIBERALS it is a disaster because Trump is “chipping away”” at their power base, He's “blowing their house down, little by little, and they don't like that one little bit. It frightens them, no end. There is NO “disarray” in the White House. Trump has accomplished more in his first 100 days than any recent president. The problem, for liberals, is his accomplishments are the complete OPPOSITE to their wishes. So, to them, he has accomplished nothing.

SUDDENLY CONCERNED ABOUT SPENDING: Liberals didn't ever worry about spending while Obama spent our money like water, doubling and TRIPLING the national debt and spending more, himself, than ALL previous presidents, put together. Now Trump wants to spend one BILLION dollars in a TRILLION dollar budget, on something that, last time it was tried, almost DOUBLED the tax "take," suddenly they're “concerned” about the national debt. They've got the damnedest double standard there ever was!

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN SCAM: The Democrats are threatening to CAUSE a “government shutdown” because they're “dragging their feet” on legislation to fund the government. The government “runs out of money” soon, if a funding bill is not passed. The Republicans have requested an extension so the congresspeople can READ the bill (which they normally do NOT do). If Democrats vote against that, it will be so obvious who is at fault they won't be able to escape the blame. But they'll still try and blame the GOP and the liberal media will lie for them in their coverage.

BRIBERY MECHANISM: If you want to bribe a politician and get away with it, just invite him/her to speak before a group, and promise him/her hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so if he/she will do what you wish (quietly). Hillary and Bill have profited from this for years. It has made them multi-millionaires when they were nearly broke (according to them) when they left the presidency. Obama is the latest politician to accept a bribe with his $400,000.00 speech. There is only one reason to offer such outlandish “speaking fees” to politicians. Knowledge that they can do something to help you in your endeavors.

FOX NEWS RACIST? I wonder what took them so long? They accuse everybody else who says things they don't like of being racists, so why were they waiting with Fox? Actually, accusations of racism mean absolutely nothing these days. They've worn it out by overuse. And, of course, they have no REAL evidence they ARE racist. Of course, that has never stopped them before. They make that lying accusation and expect us to believe it. No more. They might as well just be farting through their mouths for all we care.

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