Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary's First Instinct

To LIE. About anything. That's why when she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she kept it from the world, until she collapsed, in public. She continued to lie and say she was “just overheated” until it became obvious she WAS lying. Then she “fessed up.” Until then, any questions about her health were relegated to the “conspiracy theory” bunch. But now it's known to be fact, and that she LIED about it. From now on, like with Obama, her every word will be doubted because she was REVEALED to be a liar. And it's about time!

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Iran has threatened to shoot down two American spy planes flying “close” to their territory in the Persian Gulf. That would be the biggest mistake they ever made, and even Obama would be forced to “go to war” with them, which would mean their complete destruction. You don't just shoot down foreign aircraft because they're getting “near” your territory—unless you want to DIE, tomorrow. And don't think we can't do it with a pipsqueak outfit like Iran. We're the elephant, they're the mouse.

BOYCOTT LIFE FOR A DAY”: That's what actor Isiah Washington (formerly of “Grey's Anatomy”) says blacks should do. No work, no school, no shopping. To which I would add, “no eating.” And maybe “no jobs” if they don't show up for work. And being disciplined for not showing up at school. I've heard some ignorant suggestions by racist blacks, and this isn't the most ignorant. But it's right up there. A suggestion from somebody who doesn't have to worry about working. There's a movement starting up to do that. But I wonder: how does a guy with NO JOB “not show up for work?”

TIT FOR NO TAT: USA Today suspended a columnist for suggesting people “just run over” protesters who block their cars so they can trash it. But nobody says a word in criticism of protesters who try and burn a photographer to death by throwing him into a fire. That columnist was right. Protesters COUNT ON the automatic reaction of human beings to try and not hurt them, while they are bent on hurting the drivers of those cars—which has been PROVEN by subsequent events. Driving on is only \self defense against a violent attacker.

TRUMP TO INCREASE NATIONAL DEBT? The Democrats say Trump's ideas would increase the national debt by $5.3 Trillion over the next 10 years. So what? Is that any different than Obama DOUBLING the national debt in 8 years? And Hillary promising to continue his policies? It may take that much for Trump to reverse all the outrages of the Obama administration. As usual, Democrats are criticizing Republicans for doing the same things THEY are doing!

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