Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Request Was Disrespectful"

The North Carolina Black History Museum refused Trump's request for a visit because he asked that it be closed while he was there. They said that was “disrespectful.” That they would refuse a similar request from Hillary if their terms were the same. That nobody got special treatment, there. But would they? She hasn't asked, so we can't know. It's easy to deem his request “disrespectful.” But if Obama made a similar request, (which is common for presidential visits), would he refuse that, too?

PLEASANT” HILLARY? The networks have complimented Hillary on her “pleasant demeanor” while trashing Trump on being “overbearing,” “condescending,” and “rude.” Were they watching a different debate than I was? What I saw in Hillary's snarky grin wasn't “pleasant,” it looked to me like she's “swallowed the cat” and thought she won the debate without never saying a word. It's a good example of the media claiming things not in evidence and trying to make them true. What I saw in Trump was a strong candidate who wouldn't be shut up by a snarky demeanor.

FACT CHECKERS” ON TRUMP: At the debate, Hillary demanded her liberal friends be “fact checkers” on Trump. But nowhere was mentioned being “fact-checkers” on HER. Of course, no liberal is EVER going to check HER facts. They not only don't care if she lies, they celebrate it, as they did with Bill.

STARTING ANOTHER RUMOR: Howard Dean, failed former presidential candidate, posits that Trump might be a cocaine addict, because he sometimes “sniffs.” It's not much on which to make such a damaging accusation WITHOUT evidence. But Democrats are well known for that tactic, Harry Reid being the best known practitioner, with his “My (unnamed” friend) told me Romney didn't pay taxes for ten years) lie since proven false.

HILLARY AND “SANCTUARY CITIES”: A Hillary aide was asked repeatedly if she supported “sanctuary cities,” and avoided the question every time. Which, to me, means she DOES support sanctuary cities, and doesn't want it known. If she DIDN'T, her surrogates would not have any trouble answering that question. Sanctuary cities are clearly in violation of the law, and any politician who supports them is in violation of the law, too. Whichever side they're on.

CALLING NAMES: Hillary is short on facts, and long on calling names. She won't answer such questions as “does she support sanctuary cities,” but is quick to accuse Trump of being “misogynistic,” “racist,” “condescending,” “Islamophobic,” “homophobic,” and “rude.” You name the nasty name, and he's it. Of course, she has no basis in fact to support those insults, but she'd rather insult him than talk about something real. She talks at length about how she plans to defeat ISIS (as if it were the only terrorist organization in the world). Telling the enemy what to plan for if she miraculously ever becomes president. Meanwhile, she tries never to mention deleting 30,000 e-mails that were under subpoena.

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