Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coming for Your Guns

The Democrats have been trying to disarm the American people since before I can remember. And they're closer to being successful than ever before. They had their chief opposition in then Supreme Court so they'd have a “free hand” in appointing another Justice who would rule in their favor and get rid of the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court is the only body that can do that, and the Republicans know that, which why they refuse to allow an up or down vote on Obama's pick while he is still in office. But if Hillary wins, we're LOST.

CHICAGO—SHOWCASE CITY: They keep saying they're a “showcase city” for gun laws. But they're not. They're a “showcase city” for gun violence, in SPITE of their tough gun laws. So tough, in fact, that some of them have been DECLARED unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Just last weekend, 65 people were injured by gunfire, and 13 of them died. They don't know how to stop that, so they keep making USELESS laws that never work. The way to end that is to allow HONEST people to have and use their own guns for self defense. Then the violence will rise for a while as they “kill off” all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals. Then it will go down.

MILITARY LOVES TRUMP: And that scares the hell out of the Democrats. They've been afraid of a “military coup” for a long time, now. They know they've been vastly overreaching themselves and trampling on our rights for as long as they have been running most of the government. They know we're fed up with that, and so is the military. So they fear them. Now they find that the military is solidly in Trump's corner, and it makes them dirty their drawers.

WHAT'LL IT TAKE? It seems like almost every day more solid EVIDENCE of Hillary's crimes surfaces. Yet nothing ever happens. The FBI Director, after detailing a litany of her crimes, says he will not recommend charges be filed against her because “she didn't mean it.” And Obama's per Attorney General goes right along with it, since she's the Democrats' “chosen one,” and they don't want to risk letting a Republican get into the Oval Office. Since then, much more EVIDENCE has surfaced, and STILL nothing happens. What's it going to take for them to ACT on the evidence?

RAMBLING SPEECH”: That's what one liberal said, on FOX, fergawdsakes! This after listening to Trump's excellent speech the other night. I heard it, and there wasn't a single thing in it I considered “rambling.” It was “to the point,” and told me his administration would be a DISASTER for liberals (Democrats). That's why this liberal thought it was “rambling and unconnected.” He's too ignorant to see otherwise. Or he's afraid it's going to happen. And it may well happen. The elites don't want him, but the PEOPLE do. They're TIRED of the scams of the Democrats and they know Trump is going to ruin their lives.

RACIAL BIAS? Comedian Bill Cosby has been accused of rape, and they're taking it seriously, even though most of the “evidence” is a series of unsupported claims without ANY real evidence. I'm not saying he's guilty or not guilty. That has yet to be decided in a court of law. But what about another accused serial rapist, Bill Clinton? As with Cosby, many women have come "out of the woodwork after the original accusations, ALSO without any “evidence” except their unsupported word. Yet it caused him to be impeached and disbarred. Not for the rapes, but for LYING about it. And his wife (now a presidential contender) was right there with him, coining the term, "bimbo eruptions.".

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