Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Impossible Quest

Obama has MANDATED that EVERY gun confiscated at a crime scene be “traced” back to it's original purchaser. But he failed to provide ample funding to get it done, making a hard job harder. Considering that at just ONE “trace center” there were 5,000 cases in ONE DAY that needed attention, and there would be another 1,000 come in the next day. The fact that tracing ownership lines does little to combat gun crime doesn't seem to make much difference to Obama. It LOOKS like he's “doing something” to stem gun violence,” and that's all he wants.

WARN 'EM, THEN KILL 'EM: There have been way too many cases lately of Iranian ships harassing American ships in International waters. In a recent encounter, the Iranian ship STOPPED right in front of the American ship, risking a collision, for which they would claim we're at fault. I say tell them the next time that happens, we'll SINK that ship to AVOID a collision, rather than take evasive maneuvers. Then DO IT if they try it again. Maybe we'll start a war, but that's what Iran wants. What they don't want is the likely result. Their annihilation. They're too damned dumb to know that's likely. They're like a mouse crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

NO GUNS UNDER 30: That's what the Harvard crimson says. They think their under 30 students have brains not sufficiently developed to be able to have and use guns. But who do we rely on when we “go to war?” The “under 30 crowd,” of course! It seems like the kids we send overseas to fight for us after handing them a gun are deemed well able to handle guns. But, according to the Crimson, not at home. Their “logic” in this case escapes me. But the “logic” of ALL liberals escapes me, mostly because they don't have any. They even deny it's existence.

ANOTHER CLOWN SIGHTING: As if we didn't have enough REAL problems to worry about, the media (ALL of it) are going nuts about “clown sightings” in national parks. It's just one more thing to divert our attention from what's really going on. Like Obama spending more money than there IS, and printing more with nothing valuable behind it to replace it. Or him INCREASING the unemployment numbers, ON PURPOSE. Especially in the coal industry and the fracking industry.

HILLARY'S COUGHING FITS: They rush to tell us Hillary is okay. But her frequent coughing fits and head-jerking fits deny it. Right wingers can only hope that will forever keep her from being president in the long run, even if she wins the election (doubtful). The only problem with that is that we're left with Bernie. And that's almost as bad. The best case scenario is for Trump to win. She keeps saying he's an idiot, but in reality, it is SHE who is the idiot. Especially if she thinks socialism is the way to go, which seems to be the case.

HILLARY CAVES: Trump has spent a lot of the last couple of weeks giving Hillary hell for not holding a press conference for a long time. So what did she do? She finally held a press conference on her new airplane (paid for, no doubt, with “other people's money.” she doesn't spend money, she only collects it. She'll spend it later, when nobody's watching. Maybe the fact that Trump is beginning to beat her at the polls had something to do with it. Maybe she thinks a press conference will fix that. It won't.

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