Friday, September 2, 2016

"There's No Evidence!"

That's what liberals holler every time a liberal is accused of something. As if that made him/her “innocent.” It does NOT! All it does is illustrate that they're pretty good at covering up their crimes, and making sure the evidence never comes out. Of course, the way liberals control everything in the Justice department and the judiciary, they probably wouldn't be charged or convicted of anything, anyway. Hillary is a good example of that, with the FBI Director detailing her crimes and then saying he will not recommend charging her because “she didn't mean it.” And the Attorney General going right along with it and refusing to CHARGE her with anything.

WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Messieu is telling America we need to “get rid of the Second Amendment.” What the hell business it it of hers? She's nothing but a corrupt Mexican politician. Somebody needs to “slap her down” and tell her to shut her pie hole. Nobody's interested in hearing anything she has to day. I don't know what it is about foreign politicians. What makes them think they have a right to interfere with our business? Mexico needs to clean up their own mess before they even ATTEMPT to tell us ours.

HE'S MIXED UP: Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem because (he says) America “oppresses” black people. Yet he wears a t-shirt in support of Fidel Castro, one of the best known oppressors in the world. This guy is screwed up in the head. He knows he's “handing himself his own head,” but he is too stupid to give a damn. He supports communist causes, too. He's a CLASSIC ignorant liberal!

THEY'RE GETTING DESPERATE: Time's running out on the left's attempt to “stack” the Supreme Court in favor of left-leaning measures, regardless of what the Constitution says. They had Justice Scalia murdered so they'd get to appoint another left-leaning justice, but Congress is not cooperating with them by voting on it on their timetable. The Constitution says Congress must approve or disapprove the president's choice for a new justice. It does NOT say they must vote on it on the president's timetable. Soon, they won't be able to. Obama says they're “not doing their job,” but I say they ARE, by NOT voting until we get a new president. Now they're SUING to get an immediate vote. Whether or not they win depends on how liberal the judge is.

LYING ABOUT GUNS: It really gets to me how ignorant writers in liberal rags, who know NOTHING about guns LIE and misrepresent the facts in the many articles they write. For instance, a recent one in Huffington Post where they repeated the same old lies, such as the one where the Second amendment meant only MUSKETS, which were the “guns in general use at the time.” Completely ignoring the fact that they didn't NAME muskets, leading to the fact that they could also mean automatic and semi-automatic weapons that are in “general use” today. This is how they twist things to suit themselves.

REALLY ORGANIZED CRIME: Hillary and Obama have a benefit the Mafia never had. They have the support of the Justice Department, which will not prosecute ANY of them for the crimes they commit. So they go gaily along, ignoring the Constitution, knowing the Founders only provided for the reversal of unconstitutional laws after they have long been enforced, and the damage done. They did not provide for PUNISHMENT for the politicians who violated it, and that was their big mistake. So corrupt politicians go right on making unconstitutional laws, and enforcing them until somebody comes up with enough money to fight it in the Supreme Court.

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