Sunday, September 11, 2016

Want Some Free Money?

The descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University before ANY of us were born want a billion dollar “slave reparation” payment, even though none of them personally suffered any loss from it. If we let that happen we will have started something that will make a LOT of us broke from being forced to make similar payments. I don't THINK so! They just see an opportunity to get some free money from liberal fools. It's a shakedown!

TRUMP'S RIGHT: Putrid—er, uh, Putin, IS a much stronger leader than Obama, but that's not a compliment. EVERYBODY is a stronger leader than Obama. Obama backs down—everywhere. Putin doesn't. That is not necessarily a GOOD thing, but it IS a fact. Obama has GUTTED our military, both in manpower, and equipment. He has made America a very dangerous place to be by IGNORING the threat of Islamic terrorism and refusing to even NAME it for what it is, and by importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands. I could name so many more areas in which he is NOT a “leader,” but I don't have enough room. I could write a BOOK about it, and still wouldn't have enough room.

CLINTON FORGOT HIS LIE: Bill Clinton is criticizing Trump for using the phrase, “make America great again.” He says if you're a “southern white man,” you know what that means,” intimating the use of that phrase is somehow racist. Completely forgetting the many times HE used that phrase, himself. A certain black “minister” on Bill O'Reilly's show ON FOX said, it's “not the words, but who speaks them” that makes it racist. Boy, what a “cop out” THAT IS! What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff!

WILLFUL VIOLATION: It's too bad the founders didn't prescribe PUNISHMENT for politicians who WILLFULLY violate it. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Ct) has PLEDGED to do so if Hillary is elected president because he knows if Trump is elected, he won't be able to do it. He should know better. But with no punishment prescribed, he knows he's safe in passing unconstitutional laws and will only suffer the embarrassment of the Supreme Court declaring his laws unconstitutional (IF Trump gets to appoint the next Justice). That oversight needs to be changed—NOW!

LIBERALS ARE PANSIES: They're so afraid of hearing ANYTHING with which they don't agree, they want to create “safe spaces” where conservatives, or ANY non-liberals are not allowed to enter, so they won't have to be “injured” by hearing their views. In In Europe, they complain about EDCs (Every Day Carries) that sometimes include guns. That TERRIFIES them. What a bunch of WIMPS! And we can't seem to win against these “pussy willows” because they won't even HEAR the truth.

APPARENTLY SHE FORGOT ALREADY: And I'm talking about several days after 9/11, not today. Professor Margot Lovett, who chairs the History Dept. at Saddleback College in Southern California went from poster to poster put up by Young Americans for Freedom to commemorate 9/11, saying they “didn't get permission” from college bigwigs to put them up, and tore them down. What a thin excuse that is! This is the same professor who, just 2 days after that atrocity, sent an e-mail to college faculty saying that American “imperialism” had a hand in the tragedy. A liberal position that is, and was, wholly WRONG. The Islamic terrorists have said,trime and time again, that their ONLY reason for their wanton killing is that the rest of the world will not ”convert” to their phony “religion.”

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