Monday, September 12, 2016

They Hate It!

Liberals hate the idea that ONE of the presidential debates will not be run by a liberal so arcane and “gotcha” questions can be asked of conservative candidates. Media Matters founder David Brock has complained about one of them being “moderated” by Chris Wallace, an anchor at Fox News. He says Wallace would have a “conflict of interest,” since he worked for the network formerly run by Roger Ailes, who now “Advises” Donald Trump. Completely ignoring the MASSIVE conflict of interest involved in ALL moderators being liberals.

PLAYING THE RACE CARD: Sen. Chris Murphy “played the race card” the other day, saying that the only reason right-wingers opposed Obama is because he's black. Funny; he was black when he got elected to the highest office in the land. We have a black Supreme Court Justice, if they don't murder him like they did Justice Scalia. Or all the black mayors (many in southern towns), senators, and representatives? Not to mention all the black bureaucrats in the government. His argument just doesn't pass the “smell test.”

TEAM SHOULDA DROPPED HIM: The Broncos player who “took a knee” while the National anthem played was dropped by a major sponsor. Which is okay, That's a lot of money he won't get. But he should have been dropped by the team, too. And the guy on the 49ers, too. One or two of those, and we can nip this “trend” in the bud. This is NOT a “First amendment Issue” with them. They won't be being prosecuted by the government. Their employers are free to FIRE them for malfeasance.

HILLARY “REGRETS” HER INSULTS: Hillary now says she “regrets” calling half of Trump's followers “deplorables.” But actually, all she “regrets” is the reaction from human beings to her slur. She thinks a majority of Americans agree with her that anybody who is against her is “deplorable.” Actually, the real “deplorables” are HER followers. The ones who would still be with her, even if she killed somebody in public.

AMERICA'S LOSING: Fifteen years after 9/11, and America is losing the wear against Islamic terrorism. Actually, we're not LOSING it, we're THROWING it. Our president will not even admit we ARE at war with Islamic terrorism. He won't even say the WORDS “Islamic terrorism! He thinks that war is against Islam, itself. Or he PRETENDS to believe that so he can make excuses for never doing anything that will fatally hurt the Jihadists, so they can eventually win. He is a TRAITOR who WANTS them to win, because, no matter how often he denies it, he IS a Muslim who hates America. He shows that in everything he does. If you don't like me saying you're a traitor, Obama, come and get me!

SINGING SONGS IGNORING DISASTER: While Islamic terrorists rape and murder all over the world, Americans sing songs and repeat the names of thousands of their victims, instead of effectively fighting them to the end. Rape seems to be part of the dastardly things they do, and the Jihadists enjoy that, immensely. Along with murder and beheading. Adults; men, women, and children. Meanwhile, our commander in chief will NOT even admit they are at war with us. Nor that they are a major danger to us. And he will NOT fight them effectively. I'll be glad if we're soon rid of this fool (IF he doesn't come up with a scam to stay in office after the election). I expect him to try.

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