Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dog and Pony Show

Congress is setting up to spend a few more millions (maybe billions) to “investigate” (again) Hillary's e-mail practices. Ho, hum, what else its new? Even if they find solid evidence of her crimes, nothing will happen until AFTER the election. If she wins, it will “go away.” If Trump wins, she will go to prison immediately, on the evidence already uncovered. So she HAS to win, if she is to stay free. I never thought we'd elect a KNOWN criminal to the presidency, but we've come down to that.

HHS CONDONES BABY MURDER: I never thought I'd see it. A government agency OPENLY supporting a mass murderer in their murders. That's what the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is doing when they suggest a rule preventing states from blocking funding for Planned Parenthood. I didn't know ANY government agency could PREVENT a state from making ANY law. But apparently they think they can. Maybe next they'll make a rule to prevent states from prosecuting other kinds of murderers.

BEATING TERORISM: There's a big hooraw over how to beat Islamic terrorism. Everybody thinks they have a plan, but none of them would work. Not most of the ones talked about. But here's a clue. The way to beat Islamic terrorism is to first, NAME it. Stop giving them preference in everything because they're a “religion.” And actually FIGHT them. Kill them wherever they can be found. They use their “religion” like a “protective cloak,” beyond which nobody dares go. Obama says, “We're not fighting Islam.” But that's twisting it in their favor. We ARE fighting ISLAMIC terrorism, not Islam itself.

THE DOUBLE STANDARD: One of “The five” hosts on Fox, Juan Williams (the liberal in the cast), spoke about the seeming “double standard” being applied to Hillary and Trump regarding their legal problems. But there's a difference: Trump accepted the decisions, and took his punishment. Hillary, on the other hand, has obfuscated the issue in ALL of her scandal;s, and took no punishment, at all. Nor does she ever intend to, if she can help it. In making this point, he included Trump's bankruptcies. Bankruptcy is NOT a “criminal act.” It is a LEGAL procedure Trump took advantage of.

WE'RE ALL TERRORISTS: That's what Hillary thinks, anyway. That's all we can take from her answer at a recent forum about what to do about Islamic terrorism (they didn't say “Islamic, as most liberals won't). She thinks, as usual, that the way to self-defense is to DISARM America. Boy, that'll teach 'em! When they come to shoot us, we won't be shooting back at them! It is this kind of wacko thinking that's going to get us all killed when the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands get here and buy their illegal guns.

AFTER MANY EXONERATIONS”: A liberal commentator , as a guest on MSNBC (Michelle Goldberg, formerly of the communist New Republic) complained about Hillary's poll numbers continuing to fall because of many “false” accusations after being “exonerated” many times.” What? I can't think of a SINGLE exoneration of Hillary Clinton in her many felonies! Yes, Comey said he will not recommend charging her in the e-mail scandal because “she didn't mean it.” But that's NOT an exoneration. That's merely a cop-out by someone who doesn't want to upset the Democrat applecart with an indictment.

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