Friday, September 23, 2016

Prisoners Go On Strike

Prisoners in prison under conviction for crimes are “going on strike.” they say they're “Tired of being degraded, dehumanized, and exploited, treated like slaves.” Well, la te da! Maybe they shouldn't have committed the crimes for which they were incarcerated! They actually think we CARE that they're “going on strike?” And If they refuse to follow orders of the prison management, put them in solitary on bread and water. KEEP them there until they start obeying. They don't have the same right to disobey human beings on the outside enjoy.

IS IT A CULT? Two of today's most vocal anti-gun fools think those wishing to retain their RIGHT to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun, are “a cult.” It's a good example of the lows they will sink to, to discredit a “grass-roots movement.” They've tried everything else and it hasn't worked. What makes them think they can just IGNORE what is CLEARLY a constitutional right is beyond me. But, being a rational human being, I just can't understand their thinking processes.

USED ALL THE CODEWORDS: Hillary used all the code words the other day in trying to “cut down” Trump, calling half of his supporters “deplorables. “racist,” sexist,” “bigots,”” Xenophobics, “homophobics,” “Islamophobics,” etc. Meaning, really, NOTHING. She really thinks ALL his supporters are what she describes. But she “offended” so many people, she had to apologize. A candidate should ALWAYS have to apologize for statements that are clearly FALSE. I think her mental problems were such that she had no idea what she was saying, and was just “mouthing words.” Basically, she thinks they're all “rubes.”

GOVT. HAS LET THEM DOWN: Hillary says the other half just thinks the government has “let them down,” and want, guess what? “Change!” CHANGE! The ever present Democrat bull dung. They talk about “change,” but they never tell us the “change” they promise is not the “change” we want. Or that the people who MADE the world we want “change” from is the one Democrats CREATED. Who has been for the most part “in charge” for the last fifty or more years? Democrats can do no more than bring us the “same ol' same ol'.” And they don't WANT them to.

NFL PLAYERS WON'T STAND: They've shown their ignorance by joining Colin Kaepernick in refusing to stand because of IMAGINED slights by the USA nation. They don't know those accusations are wholly false. They believe the BS put out by the “Black Lives Matter" fools, which are WRONG. And you can't convince them otherwise. They believe in the spoutings of the liberals, completely, and won't hear anything else. Each player should be suspended for several games the first time, and if they persist, be released (fired).

SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: The NFL says they have no control over what their players do with regard to politics. So they do nothing about the refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Then they immediately tell another player he can't wear CLEATS honoring 9/11 victims. Which is it? Can they NOT tell their players what to do concerning politics, or CAN they, if it's something they don't agree with? I think they AGREE with players refusing to honor their country, but not with players honoring 9/11 victims. Which puts me off football, entirely. You'll never see me at ANY football game.

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