Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Just A Coincidence"

Over and over, Hillary made decisions favoring contributors (bribers) to her “foundation (PAC), over and over.” And she claims they were ALL “just a coincidence.” Yes, I favored “contributors” to my “foundation,” but there was NO “quid pro quo.” “It was just a coincidence that a decision regarding these people came up right after they gave me money.” And she really expects us to BELIEVE that crap. She must really believe the American people are STUPID! I think that speaks more to HER stupidity than ours.

JUST A COINCIDENCE” AGAIN: Obama has made, so far, a total “contribution” to Muslim Jihad and the implementation of Sharia Law on the rest of the world. Quietly, with amounts ONE PENNY under the billion dollar mark to keep a “lid on it.” Obama sure loves to spend OUR money in big bunches on the slightest excuse. He SAYS these payments are to satisfy “judgments” already rendered, and had nothing to do with the hostages Iran held. As with Hillary, this only proves HIS stupidity if he thinks we're stupid enough to buy his horse manure.

IT'S OKAY, DONALD”: “Ol'Joe” Biden thinks it's okay sometimes to not have any idea what you're talking about. Of course, he said that in conjunction with his saying Trump had no idea what he was talking about, ever. Of course, “Ol' Joe” is the “poster boy” for not knowing what the hell he's talking about. Think back: it was him that suggested people fire “warning shots” with a shotgun to deter home invaders. And when they did, the cops promptly arrested them for “endangering the neighbors.”

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: Politicians “get around” the law simply by calling what they do something OTHER than what they're doing. They do it all the time. Obama is doing it right now by saying he can sign (without congressional approval) what is plainly a TREATY (which requires approval by Congress) because, even though it LOOKS like a treaty, it isn't. It's just an “executive agreement.” I say, if it LOOKS like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck! No matter if Obama calls it a tiger.

LOST EVERY STATE: Obama lost every state that required a photo ID in order to vote. That ought to tell intelligent people a lot of things about how he got elected, in the first place. Requiring a photo ID prevents MOST election fraud, so where it's in use, liberals LOSE. The very fact that Obama lost EVERY state that required photo ID is very instructive. And it's also instructive on why liberals (Democrats) fight photo ID as hard as they do. Election fraud is how they win elections. Of course, they RUN most elections, so we need to work harder to keep Democrats from being elected or appointed “election monitors.”

IGNORANCE OF THE LAW.... Is no excuse. That's the mantra recited by the enforcers when a lawbreaker claims he/she “didn't know” he/she was breaking the law. So why doesn't that apply to Hillary? FBI Director Comey made it plain she WAS a lawbreaker in his litany of her crimes. Then he went on to say he didn't recommend charges be filed against her because “she didn't know” she was breaking the law. If “ignorance of the law” is no excuse, why then, is Hillary exempted? I guess it's because she is the Democrat “anointed one,” and the law really DOESN'T apply to her highness.

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