Friday, September 9, 2016

"Most Honest Politician"

Communist Van Jones says, “Hillary is the most honest politician I know.” Apparently he doesn't know any at all, because she is, if not THE least honest politician going, she's very near the top of the list. This guy is either stupid, or is trying hard to con us into believing a lie. The most honest politician I ever knew is Ronald Reagan. But fools like Jones hate him for his honesty because they're not honest, and hate those who are. I guess he just hopes to influence this election, but he can't, except in a negative way. If he supports Hillary, nobody in their right mind would dream of doing the same.

THEY FOUND A WAY: Goldman Sachs doesn't want their people to contribute to Donald Trump's campaign, so they “found a way.” they have prohibited them from contributing to “local candidates,” and Trump, being from New York City, IS a “local candidate," while Hillary, not being from NYC, is NOT. So they can freely contribute to her campaign, but not to Trump (Imagine that!). People say there's nothing Goldman Sachs employees can do about that, but I disagree. They can tell them to “stuff it” and quit. That's what I'd do if an employer tried to stifle my rights. I'd be gone before their mouths closed on that order. They don't get to tell me who to contribute to, OR to whom to vote.

LIBERTARIAN FLUB: When asked about what he'd do about the “Aleppo situation,” Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, said, “What is Aleppo?” I didn't know what Aleppo was, either, and I'm immersed in politics every day of my life. But if I need to know what Aleppo is, I'll find out, as will he. There is trouble in so many obscure places in the world, it's hard to know them all off the top of your head. I don't think not knowing about Aleppo at this stage is a disqualifier. He can learn what he needs to know, as do all new presidents.

HILLARY FIGHTS BACK: Hillary forces say they're not a bit worried about her health, but their actions put the lie to that. They're now “warning” the media to “tread lightly” when reporting on her “health issue.” Which is “code” to mean legal problems could result. If they're not worried, why are they fighting back so hard? Do they figure to keep pushing her candidacy until she collapses and doesn't get up, and then call the reports about it “the fringe?”

LAUR GETS IT FROM EVERYBODY! Why? because he had the temerity to actually ask Hillary a REAL question. One she had trouble answering! In the liberal media, you just don't DO that! He's probably gonna get fired! I don'[t know what posessed him to do it, knowing how dangerous it would be to his job. But I guess he just got fed up with asking “softball” questions and wanted, just one tome, to ask a liberal a REAL question. He finally did something right. too bad that will ruin his career.

ISN'T THAT A GIGGLE! Hillary is worried that Trump might have “let out” some classified information after his briefing” the other day. That's a real giggle when you consider what SHE has been accused of (and is probably guilty of) in her misuse of her own private e-mail server for government business when she was Secretary of State. That's just a good example of the liberal propensity to accuse their opponents of what they are doing, themselves.

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