Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BLM "Solution" to Rioting

“Black Lives Matter” Has a solution to the rioting (that they encourage) that has gone on in support of the false narrative that the police are “out of control.” Remove the police from the scenario. Damn! I've heard some strange “solutions” from some stupid people, but this is the stupidest! If you remove the cops. You have anarchy and chaos as criminals “take over.” But that's what BLM wants: the cops out of the picture so the thugs can “take over” unopposed. And BLM is MADE UP of the thugs and criminals and they are the CAUSE of the rioting with their LIES.

AMERICA SAFER UNDER OBAMA”: That's what Josh Earnest, Obama's “mouthpiece” says, anyway. He says we should ignore the crime stats. We're safer under Obama than under the last four presidents. What the hell is this damned fool SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I'd want some. He must have fallen under Obama's practice of making outrageously false statements and expecting us to believe them, because that's what this is. Obama has done more to make us UNSAFE than the last TEN presidents. Releasing all those violent criminals is just one thing. Another is importing Islamic terrorist killers by the hundreds of thousands, disguised as “refugees.”

DONALD “ENERGIZER BUNNY” TRUMP: I wish I had a nickle for every time the liberal media has proclaimed Trump to be “finished.” they did it after all the debates he participated in during the primaries, and they were always wrong. He just kept on advancing, until he had dispensed with all 16 of his opponents. Now he has only one left, and he'll soon dispense with her, too. In November, to be exact, in the only "poll" that counts." They've underestimated him all along, and will probably continue to underestimate him for the next 8 years.

ISIS “INCREDIBLY EVIL?” Politico is saying Trump lied when he called ISIS incredibly evil.” Actually, it's Politico that is lying. Anybody with a lick of sense knows ISIS is “incredibly evil” as they behead CHILDREN and adults, kill 6-year-olds with welding equipment, and commit mass murder, dropping the bodies in a previously dug mass grave. They put innocent civilians between them and their enemies, GUARANTEEING “collateral damage,” then complain about “innocents killed.” And if innocents are not killed, they set it up to LOOK that way. Or they kill them, themselves.

ID IS IMPORTANT? Commentators all over the net concentrated on last night's (as this is written) debate between Hillary and Trump. As if the results there were really important. George W, Bush lost one of his debates against Ford, and ended up winning the election. Hillary herself won one against Obama, and guess who got elected? These debates are basically entertainment for the politically addicted.

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