Monday, September 5, 2016

Who Counts the Votes?

Josef Stalin (Russian dictator) once said he doesn't care who votes, and for whom. What he cares about is who COUNTS the votes, and how. The Democrats listened carefully to him, which is why Democrats RUN the voting process. They make damned sure they are in charge of the voting process, in every way and place they can. Voter fraud is how they win so many elections, in spite of their supreme incompetence when it come to governing. Though they're good at getting elected.

WHY NOT DO SOMETHING! The FBI has found ample evidence Hillary broke the law in her handling of her e-mails on her illegal and unethical private server. But so far, they have done NOTHING about it except release thousands of her e-mails. What the hell are they WAITING for? FBI Director Comey says “she didn't mean it,” which is a feeble excuse for non-action. But much evidence has been found since. So much it could NOT be simply IGNORANCE on her part. She says she “didn't know what that little “c” on the e-mails meant. And she was Secretary of State! She's supposed to be SMART, not stupid!

HOW TO STOP TERRORISTS? Liberal “logic” says, “ban guns.” What kind of “logic” that is, I can't understand. But that's their opinion—unless they're threatened themselves, that is. Then they pull out their own guns. Like the now dead liberal columnist who wrote many columns against guns, then pulled a gun on a kid swimming in his pool without permission. Or Sen. Feinstein, who is one of the most vocal members of Congress against us “peons” being able to carry guns for self defense, but who has her own “carry permit” and carries her own gun, in ADDITION to the armed security with which she goes around surrounded.

SEX TOYS OR GUNS? One college has some really stupid students. Wrong: ALL colleges have some really stupid students. But this one is REALLY stupid, they want to replace guns with sex toys. Think about it: when a thug breaks into your home, which would you rather point at him? A phony penis, or your own gun? I damned sure want my own gun so I can shoot him before he can shoot me.

DROPPING VALEDICTORIAN TITLE: They say it's to give more students the opportunity for recognition. But what it actually is, is REDUCING the level it takes to ATTAIN the honor. That's the liberal way. Don't stand for excellence, make sure more LESS able people get the honor by taking it away from the REAL honorees and giving it to them, unearned. Never mind the real world doesn't work that\ way. In the halls of education it does. When they get to the real world, they'll learn that, the hard way.

ISLAM IS A RAPE CULTURE: A lot of people wonder why so many Muslims rape women so casually, saying, “They're all whores, anyway.” Which begs the question, “Who gave them t\he right to call them “whores” because their dress style doesn't meet their stupid standards? They HIDE their own women because they fear somebody will rape them if they so much as see a bare ankle. They're so sex starved they look at ANY woman who doesn't wear that “tent” as a “whore” and fair game. That includes children, male and female.

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