Sunday, September 4, 2016

"I Don't Recall"

Yeah, right! That's an excuse nobody can disprove. Hillary said “I can't recall” many times during a recent interview about her criminal activities. She blames it on her fall. But many of the situations she denies remembering came before and AFTER her fall. Which tells me she isn't healthy enough to become the president. She'll probably die in office if she gets elected, at all. And her decisions will never be based on experience, because she has gone on record that she HAS no experience to fall back on, because she “:just can't remember.”

HATES PRO-GUN LAWS: Until he thinks they can help him. A former Montana politician who voted AGAINST a law that ALLOWED him to point a gun at somebody he thinks might be a danger to him is using that very law in his own defense after he was charged for pointing a gun at one of his tenants who was moving out (I assume without paying). How he figured a woman was a danger to him is a mystery, but he thought so. It's a typical example of anti-gun fools, who hate guns until they need one.

DON'T TAKE POLLS SERIOUSLY: People LIE to pollsters. For years, pollsters have gone among us and asked if we have guns. They're told “NO” by many people who DO own guns, but don't really want all the anti-gun fools out there to know it, lest they be targets for confiscation when that time comes—and it will come, as long as liberals (Democrats) permeate the government, at all levels). There have been gun confiscations in many countries in the past, and many people simply BURIED their guns where the “confiscators” (government thieves) couldn't find them.

DEMOCRATS ARE THE RACISTS: Democrats try very hard to paint the GOP as a “racist party,” even though THEY have been historically the “racist party.” They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan to be their “military arm” in their quest to “put down” blacks (And NO, I won't call them “African Americans” because that is a Democrat construct, which they go along with since it DICTATES what name people MUST use to refer to them). The KKK killed a lot of blacks in their “night riding.” Famous Democrats, such as Al gore, Sr. were KNOWN racists,

MAKING GUNS USELESS: Most anti-gun laws “skate around” the fact that laws BANNING guns cannot be made, by no less than constitutional order. They can't BAN guns, so they make laws to make them USELESS while such laws do NOTHING to stop criminals and other “bad guys” from coming in your homes with their unencumbered (illegal) guns to kill you. They use flimsy excuses to get people all excited about making it hard for children and other ignorant people to kill themselves and others without telling them the NRA TRAINS people in the proper handling of guns. Of course, that only happens when people KNOW NOTHING about guns, a situation they work HARD to maintain.

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