Friday, September 30, 2016

What's Losing Feel Like?

That's a question asked of Donald Trump by former Mexican president Vicente Fox. There's only one problem there. Trump has yet to lose. During the primaries, he didn't manage to win ALL the races, but he amassed enough delegates to be a “shoo-in” at the convention and he's going to “beat Hillary like a drum” in November. She doesn't have a chance. When the PEOPLE vote, she LOSES. When the elite politicians vote, it's the only time she CAN win because they “stack the deck” in her favor.

NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: Rep.Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) says the Hyde Amendment denies women their “constitutional right” to abortion. Where the hell she gets the idea that women have a “constitutional right” to kill their unwanted offspring, I don't know. But saying this reveals her abysmal LACK of knowledge of just what the Constitution DOES allow. And she's a lawmaker! She should know better, but she doesn't. Yes, the Constitution now says killing babies is legal. But that was a FALSE decision by another liberal judge in the Supreme Court. Do I “pretend” to question the intelligence of a Supreme Court Justice? Yes. Absolutely. Stupid is stupid. No matter WHO you are.

HILLARY'S SUPERIOR FACE: One of the things that turns me off on Hillary is her supercilious expression almost every time she poses for a photograph. Her nose is always in the air, and her face is dominated by her cocky little grin. I know she thinks she's superior to the “deplorables” (the rest of us). But does she need to show it so widely? She's got most everything “fixed” in her favor, but not ALL. It's that part that ISN'T fixed that will defeat her.

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM: That's what Jerry Brown has made law by signing into law a measure that would require farmers to spend $2 BILLION dollars of their money to buy “methane digesters” to “suck up” cow farts and turn the stink into an energy source. The device, costing $2 million each, would stick a tube up a cow's rear end to absorb the methane. One is required for EACH cow. That this is an impossible quest doesn't matter to the California liberals. If the farmers don't do it, they'll just “fine” them a lot of money. And this is guaranteed to make the cow unhappy while it will never work..

ALWAYS LEGAL GUNS: It's always the legal gun owners, and people who want buy them LEGALLY they go after. And these are NOT the people to worry about. They're just “low-hanging fruit,” easy to intimidate. The ones to worry about are the ILLEGAL gun owners, such as all those young boys who are stupid enough to join street gangs, who don't care who they shoot, on purpose, or by accident. Their laws don't TOUCH these people, nor do they bother criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, whom Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands to kill us for not believing in their false religion.

ELECTIONS: NECESSARY EVIL: I hate elections. Especially since there's always one going on, or being led up to. And every day we have to listen to their lies while they try to con us into voting for them. And immediately after this one is over, the next one starts. In fact, it's already started, and we still have some time left before this one is over. And on and on it goes, day after day, month after month, year after year.

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