Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Knew It Would Happen

A half-brained sailor refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem, following in the footsteps of all the sports figures who do likewise. And he predictably got himself in trouble. There's a little difference between him and those sports figures. The military says it OWNS YOU when you sign up. And not standing for the National Anthem is NOT allowed. He may have destroyed his own military career. You're allowed to have your own political opinions in the military, as long as you don't express them out loud.

SCREW OFF, OBAMA! That's the message given to Barack Obama when the Congress voted 97 to 1 to override his veto of the bill that allowed 9/11 survivors to sue Saudi Arabia. That means every Republican, and all but ONE Democrat voted to tell him to “go to hell” on that bill. It proves how far “out of touch with America” Obama is. The only holdout was “Dirty Harry” (of course). Obama finally got “slapped around” by Congress. Something he has needed for a long time.

ISN'T 86% ENOUGH? Hillary (and all the other socialist politicians) say the rich don't pay “their fair share” of income taxes, but I disagree. And so does the IRS. According to their own figures, “the rich” pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid. Their own (faulty) figures are “mired in the past,” and based on figures that come from the days when there was a 90% tax rate for “the rich,” so they naturally found ways NOT to pay as much in taxes as they could. You can't take away MOST of their earnings without them finding ways to avoid paying. They pay MORE than “their fair share” today, no matter how much Democrats and other socialists deny it. When is SOMEBODY going to call them on this LIE?

COP-FREE ZONES”: “Black Lives Matter wants to create some “cop-free zones.” Areas where cops don't patrol, and their thugs can freely victimize innocent, honest citizens without worrying about being “accosted” in their “work” by the cops. Are they really stupid enough to believe ANYBODY would take them up on this ridiculous demand? Actually, in this day and age, with liberals in charge everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if someone did. I hope I don't live anywhere near a place where they do. If so, some of them are going to die.

MUST PAY REPARATIONS? The UN says whites MUST pay blacks reparations for the past sins of our ancestors, now dead. For my part, the UN can just screw off.” They have no business interfering in the sovereign affairs of this country. They can take their demand and stick it! I, for one,. Have no intention of EVER giving today's living black people ANY money for what now dead people might have done to them. I didn't do it, so I don't intend to suffer for it. That would lead to demands for similar “reparations” to be paid to Indians, for one thing. It's a “slippery slope.”

WHATEVER YOU DO: You're a racist. That's how the race whores put honest people down, by calling them racist for doing NOTHING. A race whore at the University of Michigan was carrying a sign that said that “white silence is white repression.” So you can't win with these anal orifices. If you speak, you're a racist, uttering “code words.” If you don't speak, you're guilty of “white repression.” There's no way to win with these fools. Except to ignore their ignorant rantings. They can't win using logic, so they use ILLOGIC to overpower your reason. They whip up black against white racism by insisting that white against black racism is rife, when it is NOT.

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