Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just Any Excuse

Any excuse it better than none. That's what my mother always told me when I got in trouble and tried to talk my way out of it. And she was right, in more ways than one. It definitely applies to Hillary Clinton. They're trying every way they can to discredit everything said by the Republicans, and especially the Trump people. Now they're saying, “Everybody gets sick. The only reason anybody is making a big thing out of Hillary's problems is because she's a woman.” More crap, something the Democrat Party has in good supply. Actually, she caused it, by trying to keep it secret, and by LYING about it. It doesn't matter if she's a male, female, or “identifies with” a TOAD.

DOESN'T PROVE THE POINT: In Minnesota, a legally-armed, trained civilian shot a “mass stabber” to death, ending his killing spree. The anti-gun fools say that doesn't prove the NRA's point. Really? What kind of a crystal ball are they looking into? It certainly does. And it's not as “rare” as they would have you believe. It happens thousands of times; every day, somewhere. They say because he is TRAINED, that lets him out for consideration. That the NRA simply wants everybody to be able to carry a gun, without any kind of training, which is a typical anti-gun fool LIE. It IGNORES the fact that a large part of their service is training people in proper gun handling and marksmanship. But then, I expect that of the anti=-gun fools.

WOMEN CAN'T USE GUNS: That's the conclusion the Huffington Post came to because, while 1,600 women were killed by men last year, only 15 used a gun to defend themselves. Of course, that completely IGNORES the fact that their useless gun laws keep guns out of the hands of most honest women. This is the kind of faulty reasoning commonly used by the anti-gun fools. This sexist view wouldn't be true if more women had guns, told nobody (especially their men), and, when threatened by a man, did not threaten, just SHOOT.

PRACTICING FREEDOM": The attorney general commiserated with the Charlotte rioters, and said they were “practicing one of America's basic rights.” The right to protest. And she's right. But that's not what these fools are doing. When you start attacking people on the street for being white, smash and grab in stores, set things on fire, damage private (and public) property, it ceases to be “exercising their rights” and becomes felonious activity. What she said gave a “green light” to those criminals to keep on doing what they're doing.

WHY AM I NOT 50 PTS. AHEAD?” Poor Hillary, with all she's done to demonize Trump, now she's whining about not being 50 points ahead of him. She's promising to give us 4, and maybe 8 years more of Obama's stupidity. She's lied and lied, about everything under the sun. She's destroyed thousands of e-mails right after they were subpoenaed by Congress, which is a felony. She's lied to Congress on too many occasions to count. Which is also a crime. She's used her foundation to collect $billions for access. Again, a crime. And all she has on Trump is her unsupported CLAIMS (without anything to support them) that Trump is “unqualified to be president.” And she really wonders why he's beating her? What dim bulb she is!

SOROS JOINS BLOOMBERG: THEY'RE MAD! Well, boo-hoo! The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners tell us that George Soros, who recently joined with Michael Bloomberg, both billionaire rabble-rousers and anti-gun fools, are MAD at Colorado because their efforts to “stomp out” our gun rightsare in trouble there. Well, I'll be happy to help them wring out their crying towels, but that's all. Who the hell CARES if they're “mad at us?” We're mad at THEM for meddling in our affairs! And for getting people KILLED!

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