Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Korean Clapper

Seems like every time we see N. Korea's fat little squid “leader,” he's applauding himself. Maybe that's because he may be the only one in the crowd clapping because he WANTS to. He won't admit it, but the only reason the others are clapping is because it is DEATH not to. I understand he had one of his top generals executed the other day because he dozed off during one of Kim's boring speeches.

CREATING A LIE: “Black Lives Matter “ fools are only the latest outfit to push the false narrative that cops “seek out” black males to kill, in large numbers, and it doesn't matter if they're armed, or not. They “cherry pick” cases where a “bad apple” cop DOES kill an unarmed black man and repeat the story over and over, while people who pay no attention to politics until just before an election, buy their narrative. That's how they create a lie.

ACTIVE SHOOTER” TRAINING: In Ohio, they not only ALLOW teachers to carry their licensed guns in their schools, they teach them how to “take out an active shooter” should one appear in their school. Anti-gun fools are appalled. They're buying new underwear at an alarming rate, and leaving barf all over the floor. They think there are going to be gun fights in the halls of those schools over lost books. That's the kind of exaggerations they push in their efforts to make us think that's the wrong thing to do. But if ONE TEACHER had had a gun at Columbine, and the training in how to use it, the result could have been very different.

FIVE TIMES HIGHER: The number of gun crimes in Mexico is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than in the USA, in spite of very tight anti-gun laws there. If that doesn't prove that anti-gun laws aimed at the GUN, instead of the PERSON, don't work, I don't know what will. But, of course, anti-gun fools IGNORE such facts in their zeal to DISARM all America. They just want us to be unarmed, so the government agents who come to “confiscate” (steal) what's ours, will not get shot, themselves.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: The liberal media is “going to town” on NBC's Matt Lauer for “interrupting Hillary” and asking her REAL questions, instead of the usual “softball” questions" the liberal media approves being asked of liberal candidates. Then they IGNORE the 13 TIMES he interrupted Donald Trump while asking “gotcha” questions. He obviously “forgot his manners.” He'll probably get fired.

SEGREGATION NOW OKAY: But not the kind of segregation we used to see rampant in this nation. It's not with white people favored. Today it is favoring BLACK people. Several universities are now “setting aside” housing for BLACK ONLY students who don't want to live side-by-side with white students. Hey! Isn't that the DESCRIPTION of racism? But they're justifying it by trying to make you think the white against black racism that USED TO BE in this country is still predominant, when it isn't.

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