Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Second Best Gaffer"

In addition to being the best liar out there, Obama is the second-best gaffer, second only to Joe Biteme. With his (Obama's) now famous gaffes, such as “bitter people, clinging to guns and religion” crack, which amply displayed his disdain for the Americans who put him in office, to his “the private sector is doing okay” and “you didn’t do it yourself” crack. He’s coming up on Joe fast, and before they fire him in the next election, he may pass him right up.

COP SHOOTINGS ON INCREASE: It seems that there are more shootings and killing by cops lately. Some mothers are hollering for “justice.” But an examination of the facts shows that MOST of them have shot, and killed, only people who tried to kill them. It’s happening more and more lately, and to try and kill a cop is ill-advised, at best; and stupid, at worst.

A currently running ad bemoans the fact that many people don’t follow Obama’s “advice” on the economy. My question is, “Why would ANYONE follow Obama’s “advice on ANYTHING, much less the economy, since he has proven he knows NOTHING about how the economy works? Migawd! Are there really people out there who DO follow his advice on the economy? Boy, are THEY going to “go down in flames!

OBAMA KNOWS: He HAS TO know that raising taxes during a recession OR a depression will make them worse. But he insists on raising them, both by passing new laws and by instituting new “give-away” programs. To that he adds doing nothing while the Bush tax reductions “time out” and create the biggest tax increase ever (outside of that necessitated by his health care swindle law.

NOT ENOUGH RICH: There aren’t enough “rich” to tax (steal from) enough to pay for all of Obama’s “flights of fancy.” You could tax them 100% and use the money to run the country for about a week. Meanwhile, he says the “rich” are not “paying their share.” But they ARE, and THEN some. He knows this, but won’t admit that “the rich” pay MOST of the taxes paid. Damn, what a FOOL this guy is!

I DIDN’T EAT THE CHOCOLATE: Obama and Carney are like the kid who was caught with chocolate all over his mouth and body who blandly denied he got into the chocolate. They ask them hard questions and they LIE. Even when they KNOW the asker KNOWS they’re lying, and they know he/she knows.

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