Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Socialists Win Often

There are enough people out there who want a “free ride” to keep electing them. More than 50% of Americans receive a government check today, and they want to keep the money coming. So they vote to keep those socialists in office. They ALL forget that soon we will run out of other people’s money and their “house of cards” will collapse. But maybe not in their lifetimes, and that's all they care about..

OBAMA EXTENDS BUSH TAX CUTS: Wait a minute! Didn’t he blame those tax cuts for this bad economy? The bad economy HIS people started with that infamous law forcing lenders to loan money to deadbeats? So why is he suddenly extending it, at least for those who aren’t “rich?” Does he think we don’t notice these inconsistencies in his reasoning? How stupid IS he?

ROMNEY NEEDS TO GET TOUGHER: Rush Limbaugh thinks Romney just isn’t “tough enough” on Obama. He needs to “get tougher.” Like he did on members of his own party during the primaries. Has he “bought into” the liberals telling him not to criticize Obama because the people in “the middle” won’t like it? Obama NEEDS to be criticized, at every turn, every time he does something stupid to promote his movement toward socialism. Romney should not listen to liberals.

“STAY AWAY FROM THE KIDS!” Rahm Emanuel, the latest “Chicago boss”  says to his “gang-bangers,” “Don’t kill kids. Stay with adults!” That way we can all get along, is the message given.  Emanuel is the latest corrupt mayor “elected” by Chicagoans and he still thinks he’s the boss. I wonder who’s “coming up behind him,” ready to take him off the point. You can bet SOMEBODY is stalking him. That’s the way it is in Chicago.

FRANK: “GOP MOSTLY IGNORED MY WEDDING.”  What does he want? A “fanfare” for marrying his boyfriend of many years? Seems to me he’d like for a man to marry a man to be “routine,” not something to be made a big thing of. He got what he wanted: legitimization. He needs to shut up.

Too bad. I was hoping he’d die soon so someone else could take over his country. Of course, that will just mean someone else as mean and nasty as he is will be in control. He’s got things set up too well for anybody else to have a chance. When he dies, another dictator will “spring up” to replace him, and we can’t hope ALL the dictators in the world will just up and die. Damn!

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