Sunday, July 29, 2012

Muslim Phones in Death Threat

Robert Spencer (Jihand Watch) was interviewing Pamela Geller (“Atlas Shrugged” blog) the other day and some imbecile actually phoned in a death threat. Is this unusual? No; I get them all the time, and I’m sure Spencer and Geller do, too. That’s the only answer for fools who have nothing else but violence to get their way. They can’t argue their theology because it’s not logical. So they “strike out” against people who tell the truth about them.

WHY LIBS PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL: Some people wonder why liberals work so hard to keep guns out of the hands of honest people when ANYBODY with a modicum of common sense knows that NOBODY who really wants to kill somebody worries about violating a puny gun law. I know why. Politicians steal so much from us they’re afraid of honest people with guns. That’s why they push for no guns in the hands of citizens (unless those citizens are carrying them to protect the politicians) so they can’t meet the thugs sent by the politicians with their own guns.

WHY LIBS DENY RICH PAY MOST TAXES: It isn’t possible that they don’t KNOW it. But it doesn’t fit their purposes to admit it, so they deny it, even in the face of SURE proof. That’s their “modus operandi.” They tell a lie and resist ALL efforts we make to disprove that lie. I wish we didn’t have to put up with such people.

NOWHERE BUT A “GUN-FREE ZONE”: Have you ever noticed that EVERY “mass shooting” has happened in a “gun-free zone?” There’s a good reason for that. The shooter wants to be as much assured as possible there will not be anyone there who might be armed and able to shoot him as soon as he “opens up” on all those innocent people. In the one instance where there was (in a Colorado church), that person stopped the shooter COLD, before he got off more than two shots. Which proves my contention that more guns in the hands of honest people will stop such shootings because these people want to become famous, not dead.

BECKEL’S GOT A HARD JOB: Not as hard as JayCarney, but hard, nonetheless. Both men are responsible for LYING to support Obama’s fool actions; Carney at the White House and Bob Beckel as a cast member of Fox’s “The Five.” Which is the silliest show I’ve seen Fox put on after Glenn Beck left them for limiting his speech. Beckel has to “think fast” whenever another “cast member” comes up with the truth and he has to somehow refute it in the minds of viewers and there isn’t really a way without lying.

BECKEL LIES LIKE OBAMA: Right after one of the other cast members of “The Five” showed the DATES when Ford invented the automobile in this country compared to the date the American road system, created to be somewhere cars could drive, was begun, he DENIED it. Of course, his denial was roundly ignored and they went on to other things, which is as it should be.

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