Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gun Control FOOLS

The "anti-gun fools" will soon be cranking up their silly campaign against guns, using that theater shooting in Denver (Aurora) Colorado as a "spark." They think people like this shooter will OBEY a law that says they can't be armed. How STUPID! Shooters like this don't attack gun shows or police stations where they KNOW there are many guns in the hands of people not afraid to use them. So they stay away. Does that tell you anything?

BANKRUPTING THE COAL INDUSTRY: That’s one promise Obama is in the process of keeping. Coal companies are even now declaring bankruptcy because they cannot conform to Obama’s “regulations” and “directives.” This in spite of the fact that there is NOT a “viable alternative” to coal on the horizon yet. Yes, they CAN use natural gas, at a much higher cost per BTU (a term meaning the amount of heat given out), but Obama doesn't care about that..

HOW STUPID IS OBAMA? He says, “Job creators do not fuel the economy.” WRONG! Job creators are the ONLY thing that “fuels the economy.” Not government, which can only (if it will) create a climate that allows job creators to create jobs” Creating jobs is a “by-product” of those companies making money. Without that, we go downhill in a hurry. Government needs to just get out of the way.

RING-A-DING-DING: That’s the sound my BS meter makes when I hear Obama talk about all the jobs he has “created.” And when he says he could have “put more people back to work if congress had just passed all his jobs bills.” Only problem is, those “jobs bills” would not have made anything better. They would have made things WORSE. Obama lies every day. I have to turn off my BS meter when he comes on the television, so it will not make me crazy.

That’s what Obama wants to do to help the economy. He doesn’t even MENTION cutting the $140,000.00 a year pay of members of Congress or of the bureaucrats in Washington and elsewhere, who have proliferated during his “reign.” Obama and other liberals HATE the military, even though they use them for their own purposes while tying their hands so they can’t accomplish their mission.

KEEPING A STRAIGHT FACE: How do reporters in the White House Press Corps keep a straight face when Obama’s press flack LIES to them so blatantly as he did the other day when he actually said, “Obama’s transparency has become well known.” I didn’t see the press conference. I only heard his lie. But I’ll bet their faces were twisted into pretzels, trying to keep from laughing and losing their press credentials.

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