Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama? Bi-Partisan? Hearty Har-Har!

Obama says, ”Most people would acknowledge I’ve tried real hard to be bipartisan.” Where? What? When? What he means about “bipartisan” is for the other side to agree with HIM. There’s no other way to him. What a LAUGH that is! Thanks. I needed a good belly-laugh.1

“FABRICATING” CLASS WARFARE? Vlerie Jarett is angry. Angry that the media has “fabricated” Obama’s “class warfare.” What planet has she been living on? Class warfare has been at the CORE of his re-election campaign! He has nothing else! He refers to it every time he opens his mouth about Romney “making a lot of money killing companies (which, in itself is a LIE).” Somebody needs to show this bi-ch what’s REALLY going on outside of her personal imagination.

BRAD PITTS’ MOM GETS DEATH THREATS: Why? Because she disagrees with Brad’s ultra-liberal views and said so in public. Now liberals want her dead. That’s so typical of liberals: like Islamic terrorists, they want ANYBODY who thinks differently than they do dead.

EVERYBODY SHOULD GET FREE HEALTH CARE: That’s what Obama says, anyway. Never mind he’s speaking about paying for it with YOUR money. Obama is awfully free with other people’s money, isn’t he? I don’t notice him spending HIS money on paying other people’s bills.

WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG? Indictments for the killers of border agent Brian Terry released. Why did they wait until now? Terry wasn’t even armed with a deadly weapon. He was shooting bean-bags. And the smugglers, who were shooting REAL bullets, murdered him. And we hid their identities for eight months—which gave the murderers ample opportunity to escape. Why? Do Holder and the rest of his thugs WANT those murderers to escape? Are they "his people?"

NOT “CLASS WARFARE?” WHAT PLANET ARE THEY ON? Democrats are “offended” that people actually think Obama is waging “class warfare.” I can see why as Obama keeps Bush’s tax cuts in place for everybody BUT the people who create the jobs; or when he “taxes the rich.” Or when he criticizes the owners of the large corporations who keep this world running, coming up with products and services we want to buy.

  That’s the headline on some current ads on the Internet, and that headline is really stupid. Why on earth should we TAKE economic advice from somebody who got us in the worst economic mess ever? Somebody who blames others (chiefly George Bush) for his own screwups? We’re working hard to get RID of this simpleton. Why in hell should we take economic advice from him?

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