Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's A TAX, Dammit!

Obama and his thugs have said, time and time again, that his health care swindle act is NOT a tax. Now they say it IS, and that’s the con they used to get it by the Supreme Court. Which is it? What they told us all along, or what the Supreme Court has decided it is? Were they lying to us all along? I think I know the answer to that question. Obama has been lying to us on just about all issues since he began his campaign to con us into electing him president. So is it surprising he lied to us to get his “landmark issue” passed into law?

CONSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE TEST: I think a law should be passed to make ALL potential candidates for ANY office pass a public test proving their knowledge of what’s in the constitution BEFORE they can run for office. And anyone running for president should be FORCED to show VIABLE proof of citizenship.

ILLEGAL PUNITIVE TAX: The Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, has decided Obama’s demand that every American buy health insurance, just because he/she is breathing, is a TAX. Something Obama and his thugs have denied from the “git-go.” There are only certain kinds of taxes ALLOWED in the Constitution. A “punitive tax” is not one of them. In any case, a tax must be PAID before it can be contested in court.

EVERYBODY’S MAD AT ROBERTS: But I’m not so sure that’s right. Justice Roberts gave Romney a perfect campaign issue by voting the way he did. One that just might be enough to assure Obama’s defeat. If so, he’s smarter than anybody ever thought he was.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST TO DEMOCRATS: When they call something or someone, or something said racist, that’s an indication to me that they have run out of arguments and have nothing else to say. Seems like every day, several times a day some Democrat calls something or somebody racist since that fool Obama was elected. And he IS a fool, whatever color he may be (he’s only HALF black). So does that make me only HALF a racist?

AS USUAL, OBAMA TWISTS IT: That ad saying women make 76  cents on the dollar compared to what men make? It twists and muddles facts as usual. They don’t make 76 cents for the SAME WORK. That’s the “midline ”on ALL work, and doesn’t take into account the number of hours worked. Men work 40 hours while women work 35 hours. As usual, the whole thing is a LIE. Not “misspeaking,” not “bending the facts,” LYING.

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