Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anti-Gun Fools Cause Gun Attacks

If crazies like the shooter at a Denver area (Aurora) theater didn’t know that it’s a good bet people there would NOT be armed, he would take his depredations elsewhere. Notice such people never go after gun shows or police stations, for good reason. They always go to places where odds are there WON’T be guns to blow THEM away. This is because of the work of “anti-gun fools.”

That’s what should await such people as the man who went into a Denver area movie theater and started shooting people, killing 12 and wounding almost 50. He should be treated differently than the usual murderer because of the severity of his crime. His trial and execution should be expedited and his death should be assured, in a relatively short time.

TELL ME WHAT LAWS WOULD WORK? Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) wants more “gun control” following the Colorado movie theater shootings. Perhaps Sen. Lautenberg could tell us just WHAT laws would have prevented this crazy from doing his crime? He bought those guns and ammo legally, but if he couldn’t, he’d buy them on the black market. Where gun laws are tightest, buying illegal guns is even more easy. I think we need MORE GUNS in the hands of honest people so we can defend ourselves.

“I MADE US LOOK BETTER”: Back to lying. After recently making the ONLY truthful statement I can remember him making when he said, “this election is a referendum between two different visions,” he lied again when he said, “because of MY leadership the world now has a better respect for America.” WRONG! The world has LESS respect for us as a result of his “leadership.” Damn! Does he really BELIEVE this crap? I think he actually does, but he’s wrong, as usual and that demonstrates his abysmal incompetence.

WHO GIVES A DAMN? Obama says, “People saying MY White House released top secret information is offensive.” Who cares if Obama is offended?  I certainly don't. He DID release secret information to the producers of that movie complimentary to him that is scheduled to come out just before the election. Get USED to it, Obama!

WHAT PART? Obama said, in his speech in Cairo, “Islam has always been part of American history.” Really? In what way, Barack? Have they ever marched in a July 4th parade? Have you ever been in a Muslim hospital or heard a Muslim orchestra, saw a Muslim charity for anybody but other Muslims? Ever seen a Muslim Girl Scout or a Muslim candy striper? Have Muslims EVER done anything to contribute to American life beyond murder and mayhem? As usual, Obama is pandering without basis for his lying comments.

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