Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UN Rejects Efforts in Syria

Surprise. Surprise! The United Nations (made up of dictators and criminals) has rejected the Security Council’s vote to “rein in” Syrian mass murderer “Basher” Assad. Is anybody surprised they would not “rein in” somebody who is doing what most of them would like to do? Many of them are having the beginnings of similar “problems” in their own countries. So are they going to say the very things they want to do as being “wrong?”

I’D HATE TO BE BOB BECKEL: Spending his time (with all the Democrat “talking points”) feebly defending the ignorant and stupid antics of that fool in the White House, Barack Obama. He’s currently the main liberal on Fox’s “The Five,” that insipid show with which Fox replaced the “powerhouse” Glenn Beck show when he left because they tried to put too many limits on his commentary. Beckel is best known for several failed election campaigns and being targeted by a whore for extortion.

Liberals are in “damage control” after Obama’s stupid comment that “you didn’t build your business by yourself.” How do you take something out of context by playing a person’s own words? And they played the whole thing. Obama is getting worse than Joe Bitme for making stupid statements these days. Maybe Obama needs to appoint a “stupid statements czar” to keep him from doing it.

FOOLS IN OFFICE: That describes those “officials” in Benton Harbor, Michigan who want to give the key to the city to (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan, one of the top three race whores out there, whose main con is going to large corporations and threatening to call them racist if they didn’t “donate” to one of his “charities,” which he controls completely. Whatever made those fools do such a thing is a mystery to me, but they should be kicked out of office at the earliest opportunity, for stupidity.

PEOPLE WALK BY DYING MAN: This happened in Arlington, VA. A car hit him and, while he was lying motionless on the sidewalk dying, people walked right by him, ignoring him. Maybe they thought he was just sleeping. So many municipalities don’t let the cops do anything about bums sleeping on the sidewalk, so maybe they can be forgiven for walking by him.

“DISTORTING HIS WORDS”: Obama has ads running accusing people of “distorting his words.” Not true. Nobody NEEDS to distort his words, he is his own worst enemy in the words he uses or speaks. Such as his claim that “you did not do that” to people who have built businesses IN SPITE OF government interference, rather than BECAUSE of government.

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