Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pedophile Heaven

Did you know that Iran is ready to legalize marriage to 10-year-olds (and under)? What a haven for pedophiles will Iran be! Now pedophiles in Iran who like to have sex with 10-year-old girls (or boys) don’t need to worry about going to jail. Just marry them first, and according to Muslim laws, divorce them the next morning by going into the street and shouting “I divorce thee, (add name)”.

GOING DOWNHILL FAST: The Olympic Committee has taken the medal away from downhill skier Lindsey Vohn and given it to Barack Obama. They say he deserves it because NOBODY has gone downhill as fast as he has. Well, they gave him a Nobel Prize for things he had YET to do, so why not? (The idea for this post came from Tom Wagner. I wouldn’t want to cut him out of the credit for a GOOD joke.)

DUMB POLITICIANS: Anybody with ANY degree of intelligence knows you DON’T raise taxes during a recession or depression, but apparently Obama and many of his henchmen in Washington aren’t smart enough to know that. So they keep on passing laws that cost us a LOT of money while raising taxes every day to finance those “flights of fancy.” This, of course, reveals their abysmal incompetence. OR that they are WILLFULLY trying to destroy this economy.

HOW TO HURT YOUR OPPONENT: Obama has again shown he will stop at NOTHING to keep his job. An Idaho businessman gave $1 million donation to the Romney campaign and earned himself two (TWO) federal charges. Boy, that ought to make people who can donate that much think twice—unless they are donating it to Barack Obama, as did one well-known comedian. This Idaho businessman is now subject to “investigation” from both the IRS and the Labor Department.

HOOF IN MOUTH DISEASE: Apparently Obama has it. He demonstrated it when he made his stupid comment that people who are successful in business “did not do it themselves.” That tripped a nerve in the minds of thousands of people (maybe millions) who DID “do it themselves” after years of hard work. So the government paid to build roads and other things, but they did it with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Money they stole from people who DID “do it themselves.” What FOOLS are those who think otherwise!

PLEASING MUSLIMS: Why do we go so far out of our way to please Muslims? Other religions have prohibitions against over-revealing of the human body in public, but they don’t demand we “observe” THEIR prohibitions. So why are female Olympians in the beach volleyball games agreeing to cover their arms to “please” Muslims? Are they going to get rid of their Bikini bottoms too?

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