Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doonesbury's Got It Backwards

As usual. His Monday (7/2) strip is about China sending an envoy to thank ROMNEY for his “job creation in China.” But if ANYBODY should be thanked for that, it’s OBAMA. How does a person like Doonesbury, who is supposed to be intelligent, get it so wrong, so often? I guess it’s because, like Obama, he believes in socialism.

THE ONLY COUNTRY WITHOUT GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE: Time Magazine editor Mark Halperin says, “We ought not be the only country in the world without government-run health care (News Busters).” Why not? Is health care so important that it must be run by the government? As I remember it, the only thing politicians do well is get elected. In all other things, they’re incompetent. I don’t want an incompetent politician risking my life by running health care.

IRAN AGAIN PROVES ITS STUPIDITY: It is again threatening to “destroy American bases within range of its missiles.” Doesn’t its “rulers know that if it did, it would cease to exist before its missiles landed on those bases? If they ever landed, with our missile defense system. Do they really want to die?

MORE PEOPLE BUYING DIESELS: Because diesel fuel is less expensive. But with more and more people buying diesels, the use of diesel fuel increases, making the price of diesel fuel go up. You just can’t win.

APATHY: The same old apathy to the depredations of the federal government I noticed in the sixties is still present today. Which is the reason for my second book recently, “Pay Attention to Politics!” Subtitle, “Politics WILL pay attention to YOU!” My own SON ignores what liberals are doing, and I can’t seem to convince him what they’re doing WILL affect him. My GRANDson is “wavering” toward Obama. Where did I go wrong?

PRODUCERS vs. LOOTERS: That’s what we’re involved in. Nothing else. I don’t care how complicated they trey to make it, it’s that simple. The LOOTERS want to loot the PRODUCERS for the benefit of the MOOCHERS of society. Those who simply want a “free ride” on the backs of the PRODUCERS. People like those OWS demonstrators who crap on police cars and in the streets in front of everybody, leave messes wherever they go, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

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