Saturday, July 28, 2012

Government Follows You On Twitter

According to a recent release, the government is very interested in what you Tweet, so be careful if you wouldn’t like them to be able to read your Tweets. For me, I don’t give a damn. Whatever I write is for publication, either on Twitter or elsewhere. So if they want to read what I write, go to it!

PUNCTUATING IGNORANCE WITH CERTAINTY: This came up in a Dilbert strip, referring to that “pointy haired boss” who thinks it only took 45 minutes to train a tech writer to be a database analyst. Liberals are the best examples of that as a group.

HOW DO YOU FOOL AMERICANS? Plant “veterans” in a booth at a Portland diner (who happen to be Obama campaign workers—well, one of them, anyway) and pretend they care about vets. This is just like the white coats Obama had a bunch of people (who may or may not be doctors) wear for a White House photo op who all, to a man, praised his health care swindle law. You can’t believe ANYTHING Obama says, even if it LOOKS true.

WHAT NOW FOR HOLDER? He is in contempt of Congress. What now? Nothing as long as it depends on his subordinates to prosecute him. When has a politician EVER been prosecuted by his own people? Even Holder was very open when he refused to prosecute those thugs who stood in front of a polling place holding nightsticks and wearing uniform lookalike black clothes because “they’re my people.” Since when does an AG get to give people a pass because they’re “his people?”

INTOLERANT LIBERALS: They claim to be tolerant, but their actions prove just the opposite. Like some Muslims, they want ALL of us to abide by THEIR wishes. Like the current hooraw over Chic-Fil-A’s comments about gays. I may or may not agree with them, but they have the inalienable RIGHT to be against gays as long as they don't discriminate (as do the liberals). Being gay is a CHOICE, unlike being black, or female, or foreign. And they have the RIGHT to be against teaching it to our children.

LIBERALS AND LOGIC: That is a contradiction in terms. Liberals just don’t understand logic. Some of them even deny its existence. You tell them the truth and it just bounces right off them. They go right by it and “shout you down” with their liberal “talking points,” none of which are true; OR logical.

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