Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OWS to Cops: "Don't Fu-k With Us!

 They think they’re so strong they can tell the cops such a thing and will not wind up with their heads beaten in. I don’t much like seeing cops beating people’s heads in on the street (or anywhere else), but with the stated goals of the OWS fools, I can’t go against the idea. They think they can “beat heads” and not get theirs beaten in, as well. My message to them: “Go sh-t in the street. Get out of my face.”

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: Even liberals are going against Obama’s most recent message that you should NOT “succeed” and that’s the way to run the country. How do you accomplish ANYTHING by not succeeding? As one liberal said, “That doesn’t make sense!” Obama himself is trying to SUCCEED in being re-elected even though if he does, WE lose. Obama never makes sense, anyway.

9/11 "TOUGH ON MUSLIMS": And I’m not surprised, since it was Muslims who perpetrated and actually DID the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 innocent Americans. Plus, Muslim terrorists are daily killing more and more innocent people. A Muslim congressman (Andre Carson D-IN) saying that, though, amazes me. 9/11 SHOULD be “tough on Muslims. At least those Muslims who believe the same way as the 9/11 murderers do. This congressman calls it racism. But it’s not racism to respond to being attacked. Somebody needs to slap him down.

That’s a statement from a so-called “religion professor” (Robert F. Shedinger, at Iowa’s Luther College), who ought to be “drummed out of his professorship” for stupidity. If this is the caliber of professor at this college, potential students would be well-advised to go elsewhere. This is another fool that needs to be “slapped down.”

Obama said if we elected him we would destroy racism forever. Like most of his promises, this has proven to be a lie. Racism is found by his thugs everywhere. We have set back race relations by 100 years by electing him, among other things. When he talks about racism, he completely ignores the fact that we elected a black man president. At least, a half black man who prefers to emphasize his “blackness” for his own benefit. Plus, there are many black people in congress, some even from Southern states.

LIKE MAO’S “LITTLE RED BOOK”: Obama is using tactics used by many well known dictators, all socialist (or something else just like it). The latest is a “Little Blue Book” written by his principle liberal mentor, George Lackoff (rhymes with Ja—off), one of the best-known liberal (progressive) spokesmen. this book tells you how to be a good liberal (socialist).

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