Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Need to Get Rid of Peelosi

This woman is a damned fool and she shows it every time she opens her mouth. She ignores AG Holder’s role in “running guns” to the Mexican cartels and causing the death of at least one (that we know of) federal agent (and 200 Mexicans) and calls efforts to declare him in contempt “unconscionable.” Then she says efforts to repeal Obama’s health care swindle law are “unrealistic.” What is “unrealistic” is her continuance in office if people of intelligence prevail.

PEELOSI TRASHES “FREE RIDERS”: She talks about people who can’t afford health care as “free riders,” but ignores the “free riders” her (and Obama’s) health care swindle law create. Peelosi is the CHAMPION of using words against us while talking double-talk. She, of the “We have to pass this law to find out what’s in it” stupid statement. To show her abysmal stupidity all you have to do is quote her—once.

OBAMA MAKES HISTORY: Obama is the first “sitting president” to okay gay marriage; to have NO budget for more than THREE YEARS; to spend more money than there IS; to openly favor socialism; to spend more money than ALL previous presidents combined; to think he can be re-elected with 8% (or higher) unemployment; or to have a $5 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt.

They tell us the miserable condition of our education system is lack of money. Not so. They’re AWASH in money but they have no idea how to spend it. What makes them think “throwing money at it” will improve anything? Do they really think we’re stupid enough to believe their lies?

“IN THE POCKET” FOR BIG OIL? Romney might be “in the pocket” for big oil, as Obama says he is (and since Obama said it, I doubt it. Obama lies about everything.), but at least he’s not PROMISING to “bankrupt” an important (and so far irreplaceable) source of power like coal. Obama has a lot of gall to make such a statement with his record of doing everything he can to DESTROY what we need to survive.

SHOOTING AT MUSLIM WOMEN: The Navy Seals have a shooting range that features what looks like a Muslim woman with a gun pointed at the shooter. What’s wrong with shooting her? If she is pointing a gun at the shooter she has it coming. So why is anybody complaining? In Afganistan sometimes, women AND children ARE shooting at you. My brother (a Marine) had to kill a 9-year-old kid (in Viet Nam) who had just blown his sergeant’s head off. And people think they aren't using women?

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