Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"I Hate Rich People Who Aren't Me"

Dilbert came up with a basic truth in his strip today, and that is found in the headline for this post. Liberals are jealous that THEY aren’t rich. Or RICH liberals want to keep anyone else from BECOMING rich. Liberals keep fighting human nature when they condemn “the rich” while everybody with any sense at all wants to BECOME rich.

LIBERALS LIE ABOUT ROMNEY: Nothing new about that. They ALWAYS lie about their opponents when ever they can’t find something true (they usually can’t) about them to say. They say his Bain Capital bought failing companies, “drowned them in debt”, then bankrupted them. I got a clue for liberals: those companies were ALREADY bankrupt. They could not take on any more debt. He SAVED most of them, but some were UNSAVABLE. Those are the ones liberals concentrate on.

WHY CAN’T INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SEE IT? Everything Obama does makes the recession deeper and kills the creation of new jobs. Yet he is still “hailed” as a great president (mostly by people whose jobs and futures depend on him remaining in office). Damn, I’ll be glad when they drag him out of the oval office, on Jan. 20th kicking and screaming. I’m just worried about the bad things he could do during his “lame-duck” session between November and January.

IT’S NOT A TAX! That’s what Obama and his thugs have insisted all along, until Chief Justice Roberts said it was. They still say it isn’t, but guess who will come after you of you refuse to pay it? The IRS, of course! He’s hired 15,000 new collectors to augment their ranks to collect it. If it isn’t a tax, why is the IRS going to collect it? Do they really think we’re that STUPID?

DISCIPLINARY TAX: That’s what will collect his health care swindle law tax if you refuse (or are unable) to buy health insurance at his order. There is no allowance for a “disciplinary tax” in the Constitution, so such a tax is ILLEGAL. But Obama doesn’t care, most of what he DOES is illegal, but who is going to call him on it except somebody like me, who has no power at all to stop him?

SMALL OVERSIGHT: The Founders of this country made a small oversight when they wrote the Constitution as the basis for ALL our laws. They told the politicians what they could not do, but provided NO PUNISHMENT for those who did it anyway. Thus, somebody like Obama, who recognizes NO LIMITS on what he may do, does what he wants because nobody will stop him.

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