Saturday, July 14, 2012

Indisputable Evidence

In one murder case a prosecutor presented ten people who said they saw the defendant kill the victim. The defense countered with 20 who said they DIDN’T see the defendant kill the victim. That sounds about as logical as what the liberals come up with to prove their pipe-dreams.

LOOTING THE POOR: Just as illogical is the whole idea that “the rich” (other than rich liberals, of course) got that way by “looting the poor.” How do they figure you can “loot” people who have nothing? That’s an example of their faulty thinking and that same fault runs through ALL their thinking, including taxing the job creators more than anybody else and hating large corporations who got large by coming up with products and services we all want to buy and who are ESSENTIAL to our lives.

THE BIGGEST “SUPER PAC”:  Liberals are criticizing the “super pacs” on the Republican side, but not a peep out of them about the super pacs on the Democrat side, several of which are unions, which Obama has promised to support. Doesn’t ANYBODY watch what this fool scam artist is doing?

“SHUT UP YOURSELF!” Bob Beckel, on “The five,” tells Rep. West, “Shut up, you blowhard!” where the hell does he get off telling an elected U. S. congressman to “shut up?” Somebody needs to step on this fat fool’s mouth so he doesn’t make a fool of himself on national television any more. The sorry thing is, he’s a PROFESSOR, teaching his fool ideas to our kids! and he's not alone. MOST professors are just like him; stupid, and so cocky he can't even conceive being wrong.

“NOT A SINGLE JEW DIED ON 9/11!”  That’s what that a friend of that fool vice-president Joe Biteme said, and as usual, that’s wrong. LOTS of Jews died on 9/11. Their names were just not singled out. People like this ought to keep HIS mouth shut, too, because every time he opens it he proves HIS ignorance.

LIBERALS SLANDER AND INTIMIDATE PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OUT: That’s why they want to KILL Brad Pitt’s mother because she doesn’t agree with them. Have you ever heard a conservative say something like that? What FOOLS liberals are!

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