Sunday, July 22, 2012

UN (UN!) Troops Ordered to KILL!

They will be ordered to KILL those who don’t turn in their guns under the treaty they hope will be ratified and (maybe) approved by congress soon. I got this from “News With Attitude” and can’t really confirm it, but it doesn’t sound out of the realm of possibility with socialists/communists (progressivists) in charge. I wonder what troops, from what country, will carry out this order? And will the American government allow it? for my part, if they come to my door with their guns to take mine, I'll give them to them, one bullet at a time.

IS SARAH PALIN ELECTABLE? If not, we’ve got to be the stupidest country on the face of the earth, bar none. Her enemies (which include Republicans who are afraid of her) have succeeded in convincing a lot of people she is NOT by a repetition of lies about her, over and over, until she couldn’t take it any more and got out.

EVEN OBAMA’S COLLEGE THESIS A MYSTERY: His college won’t release it, and the one that WAS released is called “a hoax” by the Huffington Post (which means it must be the real one). It’s hard to tell ANYTHING about Obama because ALL his papers are either kept secret or if released, are called “a hoax. I’ve never seen a president of whom so LITTLE is known.

“I INHERITED THIS MESS”: Obama keeps saying “I inherited this mess.” I’d like for him to be SPECIFIC about just WHAT he inherited. But that will never happen. He CAN’T be “more specific” because he DIDN’T “inherit” a mess at all. That’s just one of his many LIES.

HE MADE THE MESS: Obama is NOT “cleaning up Bush’s mess.” He has made his OWN mess and every day he does something to make the mess WORSE while he tells ignorant Americans who don’t pay attention to politics he’s making it better. He’s not, but they don’t know it.

OBAMA’S “WAR AGAINST SUCCESS”: That’s the only thing it can be called, because that’s what it IS. He denigrates ANYTHING that smacks of success. He “knocks” those who have become successful as “the rich.” He says “profit is evil.” Then what is HE making every time somebody buys one of the books with his name on it as author, but which was written by a domestic terrorist who is “not sorry” for bombing the Pentagon, or anything else he did in his youth and is currently a professor in college (where else?).

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