Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Tore Up the Black Family?

The liberals are trying to convince you it was the Republicans. I haven’t seen their reasoning (if any) yet, but I’d bet it is a stretch of the truth. Actually, it was the LIBERALS who did it with all their welfare programs that taught black people to depend on the government, not on their own work and initiative. Now they’re saying “blacks can barely find their way to work.” and it's a black woman saying this! (NAACP) Actually, the black unemployment figure (caused by liberal Democrats) is 14%. Much higher than others.

TRANSPARENCY: Obama’s press flack, Jay Carney says (with a straight face) that Obama’s “transparency” is well established, and even the press corps maintained a straight face in the face of this blatant LIE. The truth is, Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. He lies blatantly even when his audience KNOWS he is lying, and HE knows they do.

“AFRICAN-AMERICAN”: It bugs me every time I hear some uninformed person use the term, “African-American” to describe a black person. The fact is, most black people would not go to Africa if they had a chance, would not like it there if they did, and would be back as soon as they can get here. I do not subscribe to ANY tenet of “political correctness” and will use the words I choose, not those chosen FOR me by liberals.

“THE RICH” NOT JOB CREATORS: That's what Obama and other liberals say. But then, Obama thinks the private sector “is doing okay.” This man has no idea what’s really going on, and neither do his thugs and other liberals. That’s why this country is “going to hell in a handbasket” because of his stupid decisions and policies that result from them. He says “the rich are NOT the job creators,” when anybody with ANY degree of intelligence knows they ARE.

ASSAD THREATENING TO USE “CHEMICAL WEAPONS”: You know, those chemical weapons Saddam shipped Syria just before the U. S. deposed him and took over his country so we could never prove Saddam actually HAD chemical weapons. Liberals have been perpetuating this lie for many years even though we now have PROOF Saddam DID have them. As usual, they just deny it.

PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS: People like the late Woody Guthrie thought private property rights were wrong. But try and get THEM to give up their own private property rights. I’m sure the royalties to Guthrie’s many songs still go to his heirs. They’ll also keep the things those royalties buy. They ARE, after all, his property, aren’t they? OWS (Occupy Wall Street) fools decry private property rights, but don’t try and get them to give up their laptops and fancy, expensive phones, or anything else they have, probably bought by their parents

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