Sunday, July 8, 2012

The New Gestapo

That’s what Gov. Paul LePage of Maine calls those 15,000 new IRS agents that Obama hired to collect the “fines” (taxes) levied on those who tell him to go to hell on buying health insurance at his orders. I’m one of them who told him to go to hell, so they might as well come get me now because I’m NOT paying; either for health insurance OR the “fine” (tax). What is there about “I can’t afford health insurance” Obama doesn’t understand?. If I can’t afford it, making a law forcing me to buy it won’t change that. (Damn dumb SOB!)

JOE BIDEN’S A FOOL!  That’s the reason Obama wanted him as vice president. He would never realize the idiocy of Obama’s policies. In a recent speech he “knocked” what he calls “so-called job creators.” Those “so-called job creators” are the ONLY “job creators.” Government is NOT. The government only “recycles” the money they STEAL from their citizens. They create NO “new profits.” Employers (of whatever size) DO create new profits, which causes them to hire more people to keep up with the work involved in MAKING more profits. Joe cannot hide this fact. All he can do is deny reality.

OBAMA HATES PROFIT: So he SAYS he is “working hard” to improve the economy. But what does “improving the economy” entail? People making more PROFIT! But Obama HATES profit, so how does he intend to “improve the economy” without people making profits? He “invested” a lot of money to “buy into” General Motors and now General Motors is making a little profit. Which Obama likes: a “little profit.” Unfortunately that’s not enough for them to survive and they will soon be “on the block again.”

“THROW MONEY AT IT”: Your money, not his. Schools aren’t doing well. Mostly because they aren’t teaching “reading, writing, and arithmetic.” They’re teaching “social values,” which have no use in this world. So he wants to “throw money at it,” which won’t work. What WILL work is to go back to teaching the “Three Rs”, which he will never do. So I guess our education system is doomed.

TRUMKA KNOCKS STOCK MARKET “FAT CATS”: Turns out union officers are just as much “fat cats” as are the stock market people, but on YOUR money, not their own profits—and without paying taxes on the money from the hotels and other high profit businesses they buy with member’s money. Talk about hypocrisy!

SELLING ADS ON GOVT. "PROPERTY": That’s what they’re considering to get even more money to help them out of the financial mess they got themselves into by trying to keep ANYBODY from failing, at ANYTHING. Obama will probably pick up this idea to get more money in his re-election fund.

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