Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Penalty

Obama has discovered that there is NO PENALTY for violating the Constitution and if he can con enough Justices, his unconstitutional laws can be deemed constitutional while he SHREDS our Constitution whenever he wishes. There should BE a penalty attached to constitutional violation, and it should be a BIG one. I would make it retroactive, but THAT’S unconstitutional.

BOTH ATTENDEES: Does it tell you anything when so many members of your own party are not going to attend the National Convention that is makes a legitimate subject for Mallard Fillmore? And you’re the President of the United States? I sure hope so!

 TEA PARTY CANDIDATE WINS IN TX: Surprise, surprise, Democrats!! The Tea Party isn’t “dead,” as you so “astutely” have observed. I guess that means you don’t recognize your enemy and will succumb to him more easily. You’ve touted the “death” of the Tea Parties for a long time, then they “come out of the woodwork and take the open Texas Senate seat. You keep saying Obama’s going to win re-election, too. I hope you’re wrong there, too.

GSA GAILY SPENDS OUR MONEY!: It seems like it’s “standard operating procedure” for the General Services Administration (GSA) to spend, spend, spend, as soon as they get some money. Now we find out they gave their members $30 million in “bonuses” at a recent meeting that they renamed, so nobody would notice. Now we find out they’ve been doing that for years. Talk about stealing our money! On top of that, they spent $10,000.00 for drumsticks, alone, just this last time!

OBAMA’S COVER-UP: Obama has officially “sealed” all information with reference to that Border Patrol Agent who was murdered by a drug cartel thug using a gun sold him by Obama. Does this mean there is an “OFFICIAL” cover-up? Is there more we should know about this? We’ll never know as long as Obama is the top mobster in charge in Washington.

STUPID APPOINTEES: Hillary Clinton, FORMER “first lady” and now Secretary of state for the Obama administration, has now compared Islamic violence to Christianity. This is but one more indication of the “infiltration” of Islamic agents into the highest levels of our government. Hillary expressed herself as “shocked” that ANYONE would question her choice of the wife of a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood as her personal adviser. Which shows how STUPID she is.

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