Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Empoloyment At 14%

Why then, is Obama so strongly counting on the support of black people that he doesn’t even cater to their wishes? He didn’t even speak before the NAACP, but sent his vice president to do so. That was an indication that he doesn’t consider them very important. Why is that? Of course, Obama and his fools are still saying the GOP wants to increase unemployment, when he has PROVEN, by his actions, that HE does.

WHAT? HAVEN’T THEY BURIED LENIN YET? Boy, he must really stink by now! They’re thinking about finally burying Lenin. Lenin was responsible for 70 years of oppression and millions of deaths and they STILL “revere” him. Or they follow orders and PRETEND to revere him. If it were me, I’d bury him as deep as I could after peeing on his grave and hope he doesn’t come back to haunt he country. That would be like “revering” Obama.

HE SHOULDN’T HAVE “BASHED” OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE: That’s what Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo), chair of the Black Caucus (a racist organization of there ever was one) thinks about Romney’s speech to the NAACP the other day. Why? If that’s what Romney thinks, he has every right to say so, in front of ANY crowd. That just proves he’s not like Obama, who “tailors” his speeches to suit his crowd. Even if he has to lie (which doesn’t bother him) to do it.

HYPOCRISY PERSONIFIED: Just like they did at a recent Michelle Obama speech, Eric Holder’s people required photo ID for reporters to get into see him make a speech about how it is racist to require a photo ID in order to vote. Democrats (the kings of voter fraud) want to keep it easy for their people to vote many times, even after they’re dead. So they certainly don’t want to require a photo ID as a requirement to vote.

YUP. HE LIED. BUT NOBODY CARES: Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. Or when he writes something down. Or whenever his thugs say anything. But he gets away with it because nobody ever calls him on it effectively. Like his Romney “outsourcing” ad, which has been shown to be a lie, but he keeps running it without comment. Soon people will believe Romney is “king of outsourcing,” when he is NOT. Obama is. But nobody will ever know because the liberal media keeps it quiet.

DON’T BELIEVE POLLS: They’re too easy to twist to say what you want them to say. Principally by oversampling liberals. A common joke is the poll held in the New York Times lobby asking if they liked Obama. Another is with the questions asked, and still another is the people polled lying for one reason or another. That’s the only thing I can use to account for Obama’s consistent high poll ratings in spite of the disaster his presidency has been.

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