Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Passes, Holder Cited

It's been both a good, and a bad day today. Obama's health care swindle was declared a TAX (something he has steadfastly LIED about throughout the debate and declared constitutional. The same day AG Holder was cited in Contempt of Congress. He still thinks it's just an "election year scam," but he has been cited and must del with it.

WHY ALWAYS BAD GOP CHOICES? Part of the reason why sociali—er, uh, liberals win elections is the quality of the candidates the Republicans put up against them—bad. It seems like whenever the Republicans (with few exceptions) have a chance to win, they “whip themselves” by not putting up the best candidate (like Sarah Palin) and running instead, someone “whose turn it is, but who couldn’t win with a windstorm at his back. Hopefully, this time will be different, with such an ignorant fool in office.

TYPICAL OBAMA: He gives Romney a hard time on outsourcing, but uses a company in India to plan and execute his and his wife’s many vacations. I call them “vacations” because that’s what they are—at least the ones he takes that aren’t for fund raising. Bush never stopped working. Even when “on vacation” at his Texas ranch, he could be seen clearing brush or cutting down dead trees, or something like that. Obama’s “vacations” are vacations. No work gets done.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: They’re calling Darrell Isssa’s investigation of “Fast & Furious” (in which 200 Mexicans and at least one federal agent died) a “witch hunt,” as if there were NO REASON to investigate such a scandal. What that means to me is they have NO ANSWER to Issa’s investigation, so they want to “diss” it. I think this scandal needs to be THE END of Obama. A DEMOCRAT on the committee PROMISED Brian Terry’s family they would “turn over EVERY ROCK to find out the truth.”

A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: We’re being governed by the equivalent of the Mafia. They conned their way into the government and are gaily looting everybody they can—which is most everybody. They’ve already stolen $5 TRILLION DOLLARS and are working hard to steal even more. Nancy Peelosi (FORMER) House Speaker calls the effort to cite AG Holder in contempt of Congress “despicable.” Of course that’s what a criminal always thinks of efforts to stop his/her criminal activities.

PEELOSI’S STUPIDITY: I still can’t get over the STUPIDITY displayed by former House speaker Nancy Peelosi when she said, “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” That’s not the way to do things in this country, but apparently that’s how our government criminals do things so we won’t know how they’re SCREWING us until the screwing is law.

DEM “RENT-A-MOBS” ARE PAID OFF: They have no idea what they’re demonstrating against or for.. Demonstrators demonstrating against Karl Rove had no idea who he was or what he stood for. They thought he was running for office. Ask them pertinent questions and they had either no answers or answers that made no sense at all. Next time you see people demonstrating for “Democrat principles (a contradiction in terms)” think about this.

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