Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What A Loser!

Obama’s White House says there is “no constitutional issue” in their ORDER for Catholic hospitals to provide contraception, which is against their DEEPEST-HELD beliefs. Has he never heard of the government staying out of church beliefs? Damn; how STUPID is this president!

INCOMPETRENT POLITICIANS: How do we get so many incompetent politicians elected to office? The answer is simple, but they will never see it. We elect them on the basis of how they look, what they sound like, and what they promise; notwithstanding the fact that they don’t know what it is possible to do when they finally get into office. Like Obama talking about “lowering the sea level” when he was running. We (not me) bought his bullsh-t and elected him. Now we’re stuck with him.

HATING BECK AND LIMBAUGH: People say they hate Limbaugh and Beck, and scoff at what they say. But they can’t articulate just what it is about them they don’t like. They’re going by what they’ve heard from liberals. What they need to do is listen to what THEY say and apply some LOGIC, if they have any.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A former police officer in Washington, DC tried to take down the OWS tarp covering the Gen. McPherson statue. He was told he had no right to do that by people who have no right to COVER the statue. The shaggy old man who tried to bar his way got simply pushed aside as he returned to cutting the strings holding the tarp in place. What they don’t understand is that there is a law against what THEY are doing.

THE COMATOSE MAJORITY: President Nixon referred to the “silent majority.” But that same group is now the “comatose majority” who “recognize the right” of the OWS jerks to sleep in the parks (which they don’t have) when the cops would quickly remove ME if I tried it—and they would be right to do so. Someone else OWNS those parks and the OWS jerks are violating THEIR rights.

HE “HASN’T DONE ENOUGH”: Many Democrats (liberals) think Obama is a wimp; and hasn’t “done enough” to move us closer to socialism. What a bunch of FOOLS we have living in this country!

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