Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iran Says: "Let's Talk"

And our ignorant politicians dance for joy. Iran thinks our politicians are stupid, and they’re right. N. Korea used the same “let’s talk” scam and what happened? They now have their own nukes. We’ve fallen for this scam over and over again, and no amount of telling our ignorant politicians this will get through their thick skulls. We talk and talk and talk, and the result is what the enemy wants to happen.

HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: We had ONE case of terrorism by an American last year; but this year we had TWELVE. They call it “homegrown terrorism,” but those found to be the perpetrators seem to all spout the same things Islamic terrorists spout when caught. Does that tell you anything about the origin of their thinking? It tells me a lot. And we’re allowing it, right under our noses.

DOESN’T WORK FOR SANTORUM: Foster Friess doesn’t work for Rick Santorum. He’s not one of his volunteers. His only connection is as a CONTRIBUTOR to a PAC that gives money to the Santorum campaign. Santorum has NO responsibility for things he says. If Democrats have nothing more than that to throw at Santorum, I feel sorry for them. They must be very desperate. They have NOTHING.

KEEPING HIS CONSERVATISM SECRET: Democrats say Santorum has done nothing to “keep his conservative views secret.” What the hell are they TALKING about? Conservative views are something to be shouted from the rooftop, not kept secret, as are those views held by Democrats.

NO PUNISHMENT: There’s no punishment for violating the Constitution unless somebody gets the GUTS to do something about it. Until they do, Obama will continue to violate it with abandon.

ANY DEFENSE? People ask if the Republicans have ANY defense against Obama? They must have not been listening as Obama time after time violated the Constitution and spent like a drunken sailor (apologies to drunken sailors, who are at least spending their own money). They didn’t even notice how much of their children and grandchildren’s money he has spent. Or about the many rights he has usurped.

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