Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Happened to Freedom of Speech?

General Boykin pressured by CAIR to withdraw from making a speech to West Point because they thought he was “guilty of defaming Islam.” So WHAT? Islam NEEDS defaming! Islamic terrorists are KILLING AMERICANS all over the world. His problem is he didn’t add the word “radical” to his earlier comments. But he has the right to make those comments. We’re becoming WAY too “concerned” with “insulting” Islam.

RAISING TAXES IS NOT THE ANSWER: Obama’s (and all liberals) answer to EVERYTHING is higher taxes, and this shows their complete incompetence at governing. To make the economy better, you increase TAXABLE INCOME, which increases the amount of tax money the government can collect. Reagan did it by reducing the “marginal tax RATE” and almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” But don’t point this out to a liberal. They can’t see things like this. They’ve got their blinders firmly in place.

ROMNEY IS “BUYING THE ELECTION”: He spent $20 million dollars in Florida alone! That’s more money than presidential candidates used to spend in the entire election! Why is he spending so much money to get a job that only pays $200,000 a year? Because he wants to CONTROL the TRILLIONS of dollars in the federal budget. Unfortunately, we’re BROKE and that WILL effect how he can govern if he is elected.

REDUCE THE REQUIREMENTS: 80% of our schools fail to attain the “No Child Left Behind” requirements, and they’re very disturbed about that. So they’re going to reduce the requirements so they can make it. Typical liberal government.

IT HAPPENED ANYWAY: What is happening today is exactly what we were told would happen if we defaulted on our debt. So what GOOD is our current government? Drug use is today MORE than it was when the “war on drugs” began. So what good is the “war on drugs?” All it does is give government an excuse to limit our rights even more.

THEY HATE THE TEA PARTIES: The Washington establishment (Republican AND Democrat) hate the Tea Parties because we threaten to “overturn their applecarts.” We’re EFFECTIVE. Just ask the 57 members of Congress that no longer have jobs because of them.

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