Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Five"

Fox had to move fast to fill the New York five o’clock time slot when Glenn Beck quit to form his own channel, and they came up with a weak concept, “The Five.” But in NASCAR, “The Five” means Jimmie Johnson, the man who won FIVE national championships IN A ROW. He didn’t repeat 9n 2011, but watch out for him in 2012.

TEN YEARS AWAY: The liberals poo-poo any idea that requires us to build an oil infrastructure by saying, “we’re five years (or ten years) away from that.” But what if we had done something ten years ago? We might be “out of the woods” today. But don’t tell that to a liberal. They’ll just give a nervous laugh and turn away. They’re THAT stupid. Why are they blocking the building of refineries? Because they know if their policies prevail, we won’t need them.

WHAT PLANET DOES HE LIVE ON? Obama says, “We can’t drill our way out of the high gas prices problem.” How STUPID is he? If he and previous presidents hadn’t blocked every effort to drill on land we controlled, plus build new refineries (no new ones on more than 30 years, while the old ones crumble), we wouldn’t HAVE a problem!

THE “INDEPENDENTS” DON’T CARE: Obama talks a lot about ”the independents” getting mad when WE don’t “compromise (agree)” with HIM. Why should WE be the ones to abandon our principles and agree with Obama’s irrational policies? Why doesn’t HE agree with US once in a while? Jeeze!

OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST! Everything he does advances socialism in this country. Everything that comes out of his mouth advances socialism. Every day he talks about “equal opportunities,” though what he’s talking about is “equal OUTCOME.” That’s SOCIALISM. He talks about punishing “the rich” for BEING rich. THAT’S socialism. Why can’t Americans SEE it and get RID of this monster?

WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES! People whine about American manufacturers “outsourcing” the making of their products to other countries where it costs them less to produce them. Why IS that? Because American unions insist on pricing American workers too high for us to afford. Americans will not pay those high prices and will go where they can get lower prices. Manufacturers have to go where they can get their products made at a price WE will pay.

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