Thursday, February 16, 2012

They Think They're Owed It

The trouble with governments giving things to their citizens at the expense of other citizens, as our government is doing in ever-increasing amounts, is that soon you run out of other people’s money and have to “take the goodies back.” When you do, the people you’ve been giving things to, who now consider that their due, will fight you, as they are in Greece right now; as they did in France a few years ago. Another few years and it will happen here.

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Obama is setting up a “truth team” by telling people to let him know about any lies (as per his definition) told about him so he can “deal with it.” Only problem is, who decides what is lies and what is truth? Obama or his people, of course. The biggest liars on this Earth today; at least in this country. I expect to hear from his people any time. People will believe him or his people because they’re “the government,” of course.

ALL THEY WANT IS THE NAME: All the controversy over the “gay marriage” thing could be solved simply by gays accepting what amounts to exactly what they want, except they don’t call it “marriage.” They’ve been offered everything they want except the name “marriage,” many times. They’ve refused it every time if the word “marriage” doesn’t go with it.

1.8 MILLION DEAD PEOPLE REGISTERED TO VOTE: That’s according to the Pew Center. How many of those do you suppose are Democrats, do you suppose? And I’d bet a large percentage of them lived in Chicago. Not only that, 24 million registrations are fraudulent or incorrect (probably on purpose). This is how Democrats stay in office with all their abhorrent policies.

“NO PEACE WITHOUT AID”: That’s what the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is telling us. Sounds like blackmail or extortion to me. But they won’t call it that, and nobody over here will, either. Except for intelligent people like me, and who listens to me? Think about it: the Islamic terrorists take over in Egypt and violence intensifies. Then they say, “Give us money or the violence will continue.” That’s patent extortion, isn’t it? If you’re intelligent, you realize it.

WORDS THEY HATE: Santorum is telling the “Occupy Everywhere” fools to “get a job.” Of course, the typical response is, “Easy for you to say.” But if these fools would spend nearly as much time looking for a job as they do being obnoxious, they’d soon find one. Maybe not one paying $50,000 a year, but I see “help wanted” signs all over the place.

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