Sunday, February 26, 2012

Muslims Killing mad At koran Burning

It was an accident. We have apologized. But they’re KILLING people over it. This shows the difference between intelligent people and militant Muslims. Muslims routinely burn Christian Bibles and other symbols of various religions all over the world;. but if one of THEIRS is damaged, even by accident—they KILL innocent people over it, even after an apology. Typically, they DEMAND what they’re not willing to give.

MAYBE HE’LL DIE SOON: Venezuelan dictator Chavez barely grew his hair back after his first cancer treatments when he had to return to Cuba to take advantage of the top tier of Castro’s “two-tier” medical system for further treatment of yet another outbreak of cancer. If I were a religious man I’d say, “Maybe God is trying to tell him something.” But God doesn’t work that way. If he dies, he’ll probably be replaced by somebody worse. He’s showing all the symptoms of the “last days” of a cancer victim with his cancer recurring, time after time. One can only hope.

OBAMA TAKES CREDIT: Not for something bad, but for something good. He says the “fraking oil boom” in Nebraska “couldn’t have happened if I didn’t let it happen (which tells me he knows his only power is to STOP things from happening).” Somebody (other than Obama) came up with that new method. Does he really think he has the power to stop it?” What a JERK! How stupid does he think the American people are? Much more opposition to oil drilling and someone will probably shoot him. Even though we’ll then get Joe. Bummer! Joe and Nancy in line behind him was a good insurance policy for Obama. Now that Nancy’s gone, his insurance is thinning.

KILLED 19, GETS 5 YEARS: This is why people turn to crime. They know all they have to is stay hidden for a while and, if they’re caught, the law will give them little or nothing as punishment. Here’s a former mob boss who ordered 19 PEOPLE to be murdered, then stayed hidden for 16 years, and when he was caught, he got FIVE YEARS! Five years for killing 19 people! And that’s only the ones we know about.

GADS, I HOPE SO! Sarah Palin says she “has no excitement for ANY of the GOP candidates” and doesn’t rule out a “brokered convention” including her name. I sure hope so! Sarah is the absolute BEST possible presidential candidate going, no matter what the liberal press says. In fact, BECAUSE of what the liberal media says. They think they’ve crippled her, but she’s only strengthened with people who pay attention. I’d like to see a Palin/Jindal ticket.

PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE: Obama talks a lot about the rich “paying their fair share.” They DO “pay their fair share,” and MORE; and he knows it.But he won't admit it. They pay more than 80% of the income taxes paid, even though at capital gains rates, while almost 50% of Americans are on WELFARE and pay NO TAXES at all. He’d have to be really STUPID not to know that, so you know he’s LYING to you. Of course, I’ve been trying to tell Americans that for a long time, but they’re not listening.

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